Just How Big is Kansas City?

14500626-london-uk--13-june-2012-kansas-city-marked-with-red-pushpin-on-the-united-states-mapOur first week in KC found me waiting in a long line at the Gladstone post office. I would complain, but at least it wasn’t the DMV. My kids were napping at home while my husband caught a nap after an early morning of work. A vivacious older woman struck up a conversation with me. Once she found out I was new to Kansas City, she filled me in on the kind of details I could have never read in any guide book. One “fact” has always stayed with me. According to this 60-year-old woman with bangles on her wrists, Kansas City is the largest metro area in the country, in terms of land mass. Whoa! That surprised me. To this day, I don’t know if she is correct but as I made my way around “KC” I had to wonder if she was onto something.

The fact is, Kansas City is BIG. If I meet a Mom that I really like and then find out she lives in Olathe, I’m instantly mentally telling myself “Well bummer! We probably can’t be friends then!” When you have to factor in naps, snack times and diaper changes. driving 30 minutes for a play date seems pretty daunting. But here’s another fun fact: Kansas City Moms are GREAT! I have literally met Moms from all over the metro area and I can say that each of them bring such a unique take on parenting and enjoying life in our great city. I wish all of us had the ability to get out of our 641_ _ zip codes more often so that we can meet some of the great women in this city.

event (1)Well guess what? This is why our blog exists. We are a collaborative blog written by Kansas City Moms, for Kansas City Moms, designed to bridge an online experience with real life connections. We have some great events  in the works for you this year and we hope you will join us for this new adventure! Our Moms Night Out events will be fabulous times for KC moms to connect with each other while enjoying food, drinks and amazing giveaways from area business. So of course, our first question for you is this: Which local businesses do you love and why should other KC moms know about them?

Hello! Kansas City has been our home for the past 3 years and we love it. We moved here after a 2 year stint in Madrid, Spain working for a Christian non-profit. Although I will always have a bad case of wanderlust, I’m a Midwest girl through and through. Educated at Iowa State University as a Spanish teacher, I taught K-6th grade students the joy of learning another language for 2 years. In 2007 I left the world of teaching and became a full time Mama to our first child Renae. Her little brothers Sammy and Colton arrived 2 and 4 years later and between the 3 of them, they keep me busy. I also work for the Skybridge Community which assists American expats as they adjust to and prepare for life in another country. I find great joy in connecting people together, meeting new people, and learning about those that are different from me. Most days you’ll find me spending my mornings at the YMCA where I like to get my Zumba groove on and ending each day watching House Hunters International. I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you great KC Moms!


  1. There’s one small business here in Kansas City that I adore: Itsy Bitsy Bums in Brookside. Made by a mom…definitely designed for moms. In a great location. Sells unique items. And, always full of helpful, non-judgy people!

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