In The Garden

It’s that time of the year when our family spends a lot of time out in our backyard garden. This has been a very important life skill we have been determined to keep in our family. With an abundance of autoimmune diseases running through our bloodline, we do our best to feed our bodies whole and healthy. (So far so good, no autoimmune issues within our immediate family of five.)

Gardening as a family provides more than just health benefits. Gardening together can create stronger bonds and opens the doors to communication. 


With gardening comes hands-on learning. Every child no matter their age can participate. Gardening helps practice fine motor skills in younger children. For older children, gardening can provide an escape and instill responsibility.

Here’s a list of gardening tasks your children may enjoy. 

Pre-School (2-5yrs)
Water plants
Pull weeds
Pick produce
Releasing ladybugs and Praying mantis

Young Child (6-8yrs)
Make plant tags
Plant seeds
+ The Above Tasks

Pre-Teen (9-12yrs)
Prune Plants
Fertilize/Feed plants
Plan the garden layout
+The Above Tasks

Teen (13-16yrs)
Remove Old Plants/Prepare for new
Check for pests
Secure top-heavy plants
Clean up around the garden
+The Above Tasks

Allow your children to document your garden growth daily / weekly. They and you will be surprised at how quickly your garden will grow!


It’s nice to know where your produce is coming from. Simple things like herbs can be grown right in a planter on your porch or windowsill. There is no need for an elaborate garden, a few small pots for your favorite herbs and a couple of larger pots with some of your favorite veggies will get your family started on adding some freshness to your plate.

Let everyone pick a favorite herb or veggie to plant to help build the excitement of watching the seed grow to harvest! I’ve noticed that my kids eat a lot more fresh vegetables when they have had a part in growing their food. Helping your family understand that you can provide yourself with fresh, clean, and nutritious food is a priceless and lifelong lesson.

Check out our family’s seven favorite easy to grow herbs and learn about how they benefit your body. 

Common Sage: My #1 favorite Herb. This herb can help soothe sore throats, lowers blood glucose and cholesterol, and may also help with the symptoms of menopause. It is also a great addition to teas and lemonade. 

Mint: Another favorite to add in drinks. Mint helps with digestion, bloating, stress, and headaches. 

Thyme: I use this herb all the thyme (Ha! I crack myself up)  This woody herb is great for respiratory issues, arthritis, and skin infections. Its is great to stimulate your appetite… (soo this explains my snacking all the THYME.)

Rosemary:  Improves memory, helps to reduce acne, enhances concentration, and helps to ward off dementia. 

Cilantro: This is a must-have for our taco nights. Cilantro helps improve sleep quality and lowers anxiety. Cilantro can rid the body of heavy metals. What a mighty power for a herb! 

Parsley: This is another great herb to add to your pot. Parsley improves bone health and the immune system. It is a blood purifier and can prevent anemia. 

Basil: Has antibacterial properties, boosts your immune system, and lowers cholesterol.

All of these herbs have many other positive benefits, which is just the tip of the iceberg showing you some of their many superpowers! Isn’t it interesting to learn how foods can positively impact our bodies?

If you are looking for another way to implement teaching responsibility in a fun way, look into gardening it is a great addition to the everyday norm. Caring for the plants in your garden can help establish the importance of routine and consistency. I look forward to the days when our kids are adults and pass on these same traditions. 

Our family hopes to encourage you to start a garden with your family. There is nothing like making memories and providing fresh food that everyone is happy to eat. 

Take Care!

LaToi-ya Camareno
Hi! I'm LaToi-ya, born and raised in Leavenworth KS. Married since 2008 my husband Tony and I are raising three great kids. Branden 16, Knyla'lee 9, and Alaiyah 5. We spent our first years together in Norfolk VA, where my husband was stationed while serving in the Navy. In 2015 we found our way back home to KC buying our first home in the Northland. I have studied photography earning certificates from New York Institute of Photography while honing that craft. I enjoy watching my children figure out life through all their stages. A few of my hobbies are crafting, gardening, music, drinking good coffee and making food from every culture. When I'm not trying to organize our house of five, you can find me being creative or at the gym working off all the good food I love to eat!