Jump for Joy (and for Tired Kids!) at Sky Zone

This post is sponsored by Sky Zone with several locations in the KC Metro.

One of my kids’ favorite places to go is Sky Zone. It’s also one of my favorite places to go, because it equals an easy bedtime in our home. Our recent visit did not disappoint. My husband was out of town, so I told my two daughters they could each choose a friend to take. With four girls in tow, we showed up full of energy to tackle all things Sky Zone. We were all excited to see all the new features they had to offer!

Sky Zone Socks Fashion

We ended up with some new blue camo socks that my girls have been wearing non-stop. No longer do you just have to hope orange is your color when it comes to socks. There are now TONS of options!

All the Sky Zone Attractionspic of trampoline park

The kids literally bounce off the walls here. There are trampolines on the floor, on the side and everywhere in between. My kids especially like to jump on, over and around the gymnastic-like platforms and obstacles placed throughout the trampoline area.

The Sky Tower in the Foam Zone was a new attraction for us! All the girls, ranging in age from five to eight, made the leap off this ledge and into the Foam Zone MANY times!

The Warped Wall offers three different heights for kids to try to run and climb up. This was one of my oldest daughter’s favorite things to do. If you get to the top, you get to hit a button that shoots smoke out before exiting down via a pole.

Wipe Out made me laugh so hard I had tears rolling down my face. My kids got taken down a time or two and we could not stop giggling. This fun feature will have your kids jumping, ducking and likely getting flipped a time or two! I would probably recommend this for rambunctious 5-year-olds and up. Kids can stand at the outer edge to avoid the swinging arms.pic of climbing wall

The Freeclimb area is perfect for your mountain climbers in training. A wide rock wall offers a foam pit as a cushion if you fall. This was another super popular area for my 8-year-old who loves the challenge of climbing to the top and hitting the button.

The Ninja Warrior Course challenges kids and adults of all ages as they try to balance, jump and fly through several different routes.

pic of ninja warrior

SkySlam is always a hit as kids can put an extra bounce in their basketball game.

New Virtual Reality Experience

I’m saving one of the best for last when it comes to the new Virtual Reality area. This is included with your all day pass or $4.99 if buying in addition to a jump pass. My kids LOVED this. They had never tried anything like this and it blew their minds to be picking up fish, encountering penguins and boxing to the beat of a song. Kids get to choose from a variety of settings and the games last about 10-15 minutes each. It was a fun break before getting back to more jumping!

pic of virtual reality

Those are just a few things. Sky Zone also offers a dodgeball area, swinging silks into a foam pit, arcade games, party rooms, CLEAN restrooms, water fountains and a pretty great snack bar. We ended our trip with a round of Icees.

Sky Zone Mom Tips

To make your visit easier, be sure to fill out the waiver online before you go. You can also purchase tickets and see all the options online, which will help get your kids straight to the fun part even faster once you arrive.

Sky Zone has a wide variety of options all the way from memberships to all day passes to special pricing for kids 6 and under and more! Kids two and under are free with an adult jump pass. One of the best deals going right now is the $49.99 Summer Pass. That will get you a daily 120 minute jump time through August 15!

And if you already have Sky Socks, don’t forget to bring them!

sky zone jump pic

Our group was there for two hours and we easily could have stayed even longer. Sky Zone is a great way to burn off some of that energy and a perfect option on a rainy or really hot day!

To find a location near you and book your bounce-a-riffic visit, head to skyzone.com and then enjoy an easy bedtime with your tired kids!

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