Kansas City Mask Buying Guide for the Whole Crew 

As we continue to live through the COVID pandemic, masks are proving to be an incredibly simple and yet extremely powerful way for us to keep others healthy while also going back to many of the activities we love. 

While medical professionals and those in high risk situations are encouraged to wear medical grade masks, the basic fabric model is still very effective for the rest of us at helping slow the spread of the virus. In addition to being an easy way to show your care for others during this challenging time, the KC metro has recently made mask wearing required and the CDC recommends them for any one over the age of two when in public. So, that means if you and your kids plan to leave your house, you should plan to have masks!

There are so many masks to choose from it can be overwhelming to know where to shop. Here are some great Kansas City and national retailers where you can purchase masks for you and your little ones. 

Local Businesses: 

SewKC — from $15/per mask

These masks are 100% cotton, reversible, and have lots of cute KC inspired designs. Buy one, and they donate another to someone in our local community. Masks are available for local pick-up. (Child, Adult, and Large sizes available)

Photo Credit Rightfully Sewn, AP Visual2

Rightfully Sewn — $20/per mask

These fashionable masks are made by professional seamstresses in Kansas City, Missouri being paid fair wages. Each mask is lined with 100% organic cotton, sourced through a Missouri-based vendor, and made to the highest environmental, labor, and consumer safety standards. They come in toddler, child, and adult sizes. A fashionable and responsible choice. (Adult, Small Adult, Child, and Toddler sizes available)

Charlie Hustle — $25/per 3-pack

The well loved heart KC icon is now available on a mask. Get a 3-pack of 100% Supima cotton and, for every 3-pack of masks purchased, they donate $5 to The Heart of KC Foundation. That’s a great way to show some KC pride. (Adult size only)

Sandlot Goods — $7.50/per mask

A great, simple option from a great, local company. The outer layer is a 100% cotton ripstop material that should help prevent shrinkage in the wash. The inner layer is a tightly woven 100% Cotton Muslin. (Standard, Adult Small, Adult Large, and Child sizes available)

Annie’s Barn — $12/per mask

Simple and sometimes snarky, these masks come with a variety of funny sayings and KC pride. Each mask is made of two layers — cotton on the inside layer and polyester on the outside layer.  (Adult size only)

Sarah Beth Co. — $6/per mask

Local baby moccasins maker has jumped into making kids masks. The 100% cotton masks come in a variety of fun patterns, with many KC sports options. (Adult and Child size available)

Coffey House Crafts — from $6/per mask

Hand made by a fellow KC Collective mom, these cute masks are made of cotton and have a flexible bridge to mold to the nose. The straps are made of nylon so they are very soft, and you can knot them to make it smaller if needed. Cute and functional. (Adult and Child size available)

RayGun — from $13/per mask

Now you can wear that cheeky printed t-shirt on your face. Choose from a variety of funny sayings or find a blank one for the kids. 35% of profits go to supporting food banks in our communities. Made of eco-performance fabric that is moisture-wicking, each mask is made from approximately 1 recycled poly (RPET) water bottle! They also have a pocket for a filter. (Adult size only)

Madison Flitch — from $10/per mask

These protective masks are a research-based, doctor-approved method to protect yourself and others from contagion. They are triple-layer, use nano fiber technology, and can be adjusted. (Adult, Adult Large, and Child sizes available)

Photo Credit KC Shield

KC Shield — $24/per package of 12 face shields

An alternative to the mask, this clear face shield wraps around the face and uses a foam headband to “float” the shield on the forehead with no pressure. Assembled in Olathe, KS and all materials made in the USA. (Adult and Child size available)

Gaiters To Go — from $12/per gaiter

These multipurpose gaiter masks are made with a 2-ply face-panel and filter pouch.  Each mask comes with one replaceable filter. Comfortable and functional. (Adult and Child size available)

National Retailers: 

Old Navy — from $12.50/5-pack

Sold in mix and match packs with lots of fun colors and patterns for the whole family. Each mask is made with three layers of 100% cotton poplin. (Adult and Child size available)

Crayola (Hallmark) Days of the Week Pack — $29.99/5-pack

Get you kids a colorful mask for each day of the school week. These adjustable masks feature a dual-layer of fabric, secure fit, adjustable ear straps, and a nose clip. 5-pack comes with a little mesh laundry bag for washing and a name tag to keep track of which mask belongs to which kid. (Teen/Adult and Kids size available)

Hanna Anderson — $10/2-pack

These are bright 100% cotton jersey face masks for kids age 3 – 9 yrs. Made with excess material to reduce waste, they also include a pocket for a filter. (Only Child size available)

Target, Cat and Jack — $4/2-pack

Each pack comes with a solid color and a cute print. Masks are made of two layers of 100% cotton, and have a pocket for a filter. Affordable and adorable. (Only Child size available)

Gap — from $15/3-pack

These mask sets come in all different quantities. You can get a family pack, a set for yourself, or some just for your kids. They are made of three layers of 100% cotton printed poplin and have an adjustable nose peice. (Adult and Child size available)

Carters — $3/per mask

Each mask is made of soft, breathable cotton with easy on and easy off stretchy straps so kids can put them on themselves. Simple pleated style makes the one size fit most kids ages 2-14. (Child size only)

Photo Credit Free To Be Kids

Free To Be Kids -Decorate them yourself — $20/3-pack

These masks are a blank canvas for your little ones. They come in a double layer 100% cotton jersey knit and can be decorated with fabric markers or even sharpies. A great way to help your kids really make their masks their own. (Youth/Adult and Little Kid size available)


Sure, this new fashion accessory takes some getting used to, but wearing a mask doesn’t have to be a total drag. There are ways to make our new wardrobe addition fun for the whole family. Especially for our kids!

One of the best ways to get your kids on board with mask wearing is to get them involved in the shopping. Let your little ones pick out the patterns they like. There are so many cute ones, get them a different one for each day of the week or even let them decorate their own! Help them find an extra one for their favorite stuffed animal so everyone can join in the new look. Buy them a kid-sized face shield so they can really feel like a superhero; do keep in mind that the CDC does not recommend face shields as a substitute for cloth face coverings. Empower them by letting them know they are doing something that is helping keep other people healthy. Even better, shop from a local maker and teach them about the amazing impact they can have on our community by supporting local businesses.

For us adults, finding something that is comfortable, functional, and in a pattern you like will help make this new accessory much more enjoyable. Treat yourself — get a few! Additionally, while so much of our current lives feels beyond our control, embrace the fact that wearing this small piece of fabric is something you do have the power to do, that can help make things better. Most importantly, our kids are looking to us for how to respond during this time of change. Adopt a positive attitude about wearing your own mask, and your children are likely to follow. Yes, it’s new, it’s an adjustment to our routines, but if there is anyone who can quickly adapt to life transitions, it’s a mom. You got this!

Ashley Heyburn
Ashley is a mom to an incredibly active toddler, and wife to a kind-hearted Louisville, KY native. After over a decade living in Brooklyn, NY, and few years in Cincinnati, OH, she recently returned home to KC to plant roots and grow her family. Most days you will find her exploring local parks, libraries and playgroups with her son, and tapping into Kansas Cities great art scene whenever she can.