Harrison Butker on the Kansas City MomCast

Life Off The Field With Harrison Butker (Sponsored)

On today's episode we have the pleasure of interviewing  Harrison Butker of our very own Kansas City Chiefs. Harrison is married, has two small...

How To Play With Your Child | Kansas City MomCast Episode 36

It's currently winter time here in Kansas City and for many of us, that means lots of indoor play for our kids. We know...

Family Boundaries During The Holidays | Kansas City MomCast Episode 35

Holiday time often means lots of time with family. Family dynamics can be tough as it is, and then you add the pressure of...

Top Toys and Gifts By Age | Kansas City MomCast Episode 34

It's holiday time and just a few more weeks of shopping left! If you're looking for gift ideas, this episode is for you. Jane...
lights at Sar Ko Park

The Best of Holidays in Kansas City | Kansas City MomCast Episode 33

This episode of Kansas City MomCast is packed with all you need to know to experience the best of the holidays in Kansas City!...

Planning Your Postpartum Experience | Kansas City MomCast Episode 32

The postpartum planning experience in America is a common topic in mom conversation. That can encompass care (or the lack thereof), a wide range...

Medicinal Cannabis Basics with BesaMe Wellness (sponsored)

Join us for an intriguing and informational conversation with medicinal cannabis expert and registered nurse, Matt Cascio. Matt is well known throughout Missouri for his...
teens taking selfie

Parenting Through Puberty | Kansas City MomCast Episode 30

Today we are tackling the topic of puberty. We cover when it starts and what to expect, starting the conversation with our pre-teens, common...

The Health Benefits of Dairy (Sponsored)

Join us for a conversation on the health benefits of dairy with our two awesome guests, Dr. Gabriel Schifman of the Pediatric ER at...

Navigating the IEP and 504 Process | Kansas City MomCast Episode 29

On today's episode we are talking about navigating the IEP/504 process, which can be very overwhelming as parents navigate the world of special education....
donuts in a bowl with pumpkins

Best of Fall in Kansas City | Episode 28 Kansas City MomCast

Fall is here! There is so much to do in fall in Kansas City that sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. Join...
mom and kid walking to school

Back-to-School Mental Health Tips | Kansas City MomCast Episode 26

Going back to school can be exciting. It can also be terrifying, particularly for kids who have already experienced bullying, anxiety, stress, depression or...

Parenting Alongside Other Parents | Kansas City MomCast Episode 25

Cellphones, sleepovers, video games, house rules, sports — these are all topics that can be tricky in parenting, especially when it comes to navigating...

Home Safety with Charlie’s House | Kansas City MomCast Episode 24

Is your home safe? More than 55,000 children in our community are hurt or die due to unintentional injuries in and around the home....
woman holding VOTE letters

The Kansas Ballot: Reproductive Rights | Kansas City MomCast Special Episode

Today we are addressing a topic that we feel is important for our listeners and as women, can affect us in profound ways. Our...

Exploring the Kansas City Metro with Kids | Kansas City MomCast Episode 23

Are you looking for fun new things to fill your summer days without wasting too much gas? Today we are exploring the Kansas City...
father and son looking at money

Teaching Kids About Money | Kansas City MomCast Episode 22

Teaching kids about money can be tricky, but have no fear! Our conversation with guest Kelly Peden of Mazuma Credit Union covers all things...

What It’s Like to Be Dad with the MomCast Dads | Kansas City MomCast...

The dads of the Kansas City MomCast join us on this episode for a special Father's Day edition! Join us for  a glimpse into...
mom comforting scared boy

Kansas City MomCast Episode 20 | Talking to Your Kids About School Shootings

The recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has evoked many emotions — sadness, grief, helplessness, anxiety, and anger. Children who are struggling with their...
colorful popsicles

Kansas City MomCast Episode 19 | Summer in Kansas City

There’s nothing better than summer in Kansas City! We're highlighting some of our favorite places and events in Kansas City during the summer months...
pregnant woman with hands on belly

Kansas City MomCast Episode 18 | Pregnancy After 35

On today's episode, we visit with Dr. Jessica Parrott, Maternal-Fetal Medicine physician with HCA Midwest Health, about pregnancy after age 35. We discuss the...
shards of broken glass

Kansas City MomCast Episode 17 | Broken, Changed and Rearranged

Join us for a conversation with Lee's Summit mom and author, Liesl Hays, about what happens when life falls apart. Liesl had a great...
woman holding up poster that says stop climate change

Kansas City MomCast Episode 16 | Moms Addressing the Climate Crisis

In celebration of Earth Day, we are visiting with Susan Alig and Robin Ganahl of Mothers Out Front, an organization that brings moms together...
woman with head down and wine glass

Kansas City MomCast Episode 15 | Alcoholism and Motherhood

In today's episode, we are talking about alcohol and motherhood, an issue that has been normalized culturally as moms but can easily turn into...
woman with hands near pelvic floor

Kansas City MomCast Episode 14 | Pelvic Floor Health

We get personal with local Lee's Summit mom and Pelvic Floor OT, Dr. Kassie DeWitt.  In our conversation, we cover all things pelvic floor...
toddler boy with Mickey Mouse at Disney World

Kansas City MomCast Episode 13 | Disney World Tips for Moms

Planning a trip to Disney World can feel like a huge undertaking! But, have no fear; we are here with all the tips for...
kids in car for road trip

Kansas City MomCast Episode 12 | Day and Weekend Trips from Kansas City

You don't have to go far to create a fun-filled family trip! Kansas City families are lucky many so many options for day and...
diverse game pieces

Kansas City MomCast Episode 11 | Diversity and Inclusion

Join us for an important conversation with Kristen Harris, Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion at Hallmark. Kristen shares her experience as a leader...
closet organization process

Kansas City MomCast Episode 10 | Get Organized

Is one of your New Year resolutions to get organized? If so, you will love this podcast with local mom and lead organizer at...
girl on screen with headphones

Kansas City MomCast Episode 9 | Screen Time Sanity

Join us for an important and relevant conversation with Tracy Foster of START, a Kansas City organization focused on screen time boundaries that work...

Kansas City MomCast Episode 8 | The Mental Load of the Holidays

Is your December to do list as long as ours? Join us for a conversation today with spiritual life coach and Kansas City mom,...

Kansas City MomCast Episode 7 | Holiday Mom Hacks

Happy holiday season from Kansas City MomCast! In our latest episode, we discuss two fun and relevant topics that will hopefully make your life...
heart with thank you note

Kansas City MomCast Episode 6 | Behind the Scenes Gratitude

In today’s episode, we focus on the people in our community who we are grateful for but who are rarely in the spotlight. These...
women with arms around each other

Kansas City MomCast Episode 4 | Adult Friendships are Complicated

Join us for our conversation on adult friendships with one of our own Kansas City Mom Collective contributors, Jiao Jiao Shen. Jiao Jiao is...
child getting shot

Kansas City MomCast BONUS Episode: The COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids

COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for ages 5-11, a big moment that many moms have been waiting for. We know you also have lots...
Kansas City MomCast podcast

Introducing the Kansas City MomCast Podcast

Kansas City Mom Collective was born in 2012 with a simple goal — to bring Kansas City moms together in meaningful and lasting community....
American flag with I voted sticker

Kansas City MomCast Episode 3 | Why Should I Care About Local Politics?

We are so glad to be back today for an important conversation with a local KC mom, Joni Wickham. Joni was chief of staff...
haunted Kansas City

Ghost Hunting in Kansas City | Kansas City MomCast Episode 2

Do you believe in ghosts? In today’s episode, we discuss all things ghost hunting with Kansas City-based paranormal activity investigator, Elijah Buchholz. Elijah is...
podcast microphone with hosts

Kansas City MomCast Episode 1 | Why This Podcast?

Hi friend! Welcome to the first ever episode of Kansas City MomCast- a place to learn, connect, and grow in a relevant and intentional...
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