How to Take Advantage of Kansas City Restaurant Week

Kansas City Restaurant Week, a tradition I love for several reasons.

  • Proceeds go to local nonprofits — more than $2.7 million granted since 2010!
  • The event supports our own local restaurant staff and chefs.
  • It’s quite the fancy date night for busy parents who often don’t get many of those.
  • The deals allow me to try restaurants at a higher price point than I might typically.
  • It’s during my least favorite month of the year, so it brings excitement to get me through while savoring delectable eats!

How to Participate

In case this unique Kansas City event is news to you, here’s the rundown. More than 150 restaurants in the greater Kansas City area covering all types of cuisine are participating from January 14-23. There are specially designed menus at three price points offered during these dates: $15, $35, and $45. The $15 is for the lunch menu, $35 is for single person dinner menu, and $45 is for dinner for two. Options are available for dine-in, carry out and delivery!

The 2022 Community Partner is Guadalupe Centers. As the largest Hispanic organization in Kansas City since 1919, Guadalupe Centers serves more than 12,000 men, women and children each year through its various programs and has continuously evolved to meet the needs of families in crisis and those striving to contribute to the metro area’s success.

I’m so grateful that restaurants are tuning into creative ways to keep this KC tradition alive and thriving.

For my household, we are only participating in curbside, carryout, or delivered dining. Current regulations allow guests to pick up cocktails curbside or you can try out J. Rieger & Co.’s classic cocktail recipes at home. The large list of tempting tastes will be offered to patrons however you’re comfortable with participating.

We live in a city where you could probably try a different restaurant every single day of the year and still not get through all the options available.

Here’s how I like to decide where to go. I’m big on using the notes feature on my iPhone for many different things. It’s how my partner and I keep a running shared grocery list, a places-we-want-to-try list, and a kids gift ideas brainstorm list. So first, I will turn to my notes and see what participating establishments I have not yet had the honor of visiting. Next, I’ll check out the new and noteworthy participants’ menus. Then, I start another note of the places I’m interested in. Here, I write out the menu details so I can narrow it down to two choices with my partner. Yeah, it’s a process, but I’ve never claimed not to be a nerd.

I’m literally getting hungry now just thinking about it. Hurry #KCRW2022! I hope you’ll join me in this truly spectacular local event you can feel good about. It is a perfect way to come together as a community while we must stay apart. Follow Kansas City Restaurant Week on Facebook for more details and enticing photos of what’s in store.

Full tummies, full hearts, can’t lose.

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