Key to a Great Year: Communication with Your Child’s Teacher


School is right around the corner! Nerves are riding high as we all ask, will this be a “normal” school year? Masks? Social distance? Virtual learning? And where did the hot girl summer go?

Despite all the uncertainties of life, there is one person you can count on — the teacher! Your child’s teacher has spent the summer planning, self-caring, and perfecting his or her craft. They’ve been professionally developed, and their Amazon wish list is stocked.

Your child’s teacher is ready!

But how do you make a positive impression on the teacher? I mean, it’s like a first date all over again. Whether you’re a first time school mom, or a well seasoned PTA veteran, the answer is really quite simple. After surveying many teacher friends, the answer is overwhelmingly the same.


Yep, that’s the secret! Respond. Let us know you are there. Most teachers send out information before the year even begins. We ask you to sign in to new apps or fill out back to school get to know you surveys. We do all this because, we want to get to know your child and your family before they ever step foot in our classroom. So, please respond! Fill out the form. Log in to the app. It could be as simple as just responding with thank you to an email full of important dates!

Bottom line, help us help your child. Teachers don’t know, what they don’t know. As much as we tell our students that we are psychic, we sadly are not. If your fish has expired, and it was your daughters favorite fish… let us know! Nothing is worse than handing out goldfish crackers as a fun treat, only to have Sallie bawling because Franklin Fish died last night! (True story…ugly cry) Or seeing a pile of dirt on Johns desk and wiping it off, only to hear him yell, “You threw away my Grandpa!” (There was a necklace, and ashes…it was a whole thing.)

So, respond. Communicate. Tell us things! You might think that it’s something so insignificant that it doesn’t matter, but if it can help us build a better relationship, be ready with tissues, or remind them that dad isn’t going to be there when they get off the bus, we went to know.

While little treats are nice, and so wonderfully appreciated, communication is where it’s at. It lets us know that you want to be a partner in helping your child succeed. Responding opens the door to future conversations and a great year!

“I’m Marsha, the devoted wife of a Nebraska Husker fan, mother to a sweet laid back 11-year-old boy named Kellen and a 9-year-old spunky know-it-all named Rowen. I am a Kansas City native, proud Northwest Bearcat Alumni, and enthusiastic 4th grade teacher! I enjoy stolen moments where I can read in peace, indulging in chocolate chip cookies whenever possible, tending to my vegetable garden and finding new ways to annoy my daughter! My goal in life is to be my authentic self, follow the motto of ‘She did what she could,’ and share that with other moms!”