Kicking off Summer with Boulevard Quirk and Fling

This post is sponsored by Boulevard Quirk and Fling Craft Cocktails.

School is out, my flip-flops are on and a constant loop of “Summertime” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince is running through my head. Summer has arrived, and I’m here for it! After a year of virtual celebrations and socially distant gatherings, you can sign me up for ALL of the block parties, backyard barbecues, pool parties and beyond.

Welcome Summer!

Recently my friends and I hosted a summer kick-off to usher in the season of fun. We had all the makings of a great party- snacks aplenty, good friends and we were fully stocked on Boulevard Quirk and Fling Craft Cocktails. 

Quirk is Boulevard’s delicious hard seltzer that comes in a bevy of tasty and innovative flavor combinations such as two of my favorites; Blueberry Lemon Lavender and Blackberry Sage. Quirk has become my go-to pool time favorite and is my top drink to enjoy after an afternoon of yard work. I sip it and unwind while I stand back and admire my mow lines and flower pots.

Quirk’s newest flavors! So delicious and perfect for summer!

Boulevard’s Fling Craft Cocktails are all the classic drinks you love without the need for your own bartender. What I love most about Flings though is that these perfectly crafted cocktails are instant passports to places beyond my laundry room. One sip of their Mai Tai, and I’m mentally placed on a white sand beach with the blue ocean ahead of me or when I enjoy a Mojito, I’m dancing the rumba in the streets of Havana.

But KC always beckons us back and so too did the patio of our friend recently when we all gathered for our soirée. We decided to have a little fun and create our own drink combinations using Quirk and Fling. While both Quirks and Flings are perfect the way they are and can absolutely be enjoyed on their own it was fun to pretend to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail and create new concoctions to take us through the summer. 

Check out some of our favorite drinks of the day and let us know what fun way you’d incorporate Quirk or Fling into a tasty summer drink.

The Cherry Limeade

Kansas Citians know that the Cherry Limeade at Winstead’s is where it’s at! But imagine if that drink grew up and started getting carded. We used the Cherry Blossom & Lime Quirk and poured it over that perfectly crushed ice. We added maraschino cherries and a scoop of lime sherbert and wowie…so good!

The Blood Orange Float

While we’re taking our favorite treats as a child and giving them an adult spin, we took a scoop or two (and maybe a spoonful bite on the side) of Vanilla Bean Italian Gelato and added it to a glass. We then poured the Blood Orange Vodka Soda on top and sipped away.

The Buzzed Watermelon

Looking for a refreshing treat to enjoy poolside? Take a melon baller and scoop out the inside of a watermelon. Let those delicious nuggets of melon take a long bath in one of Quirk’s newest flavors- Watermelon Salt & Lime. We popped these spiked babies into a cup and added a sprinkle of margarita salt and it was the perfect summertime treat.

The Boulevard Beerita

If you’re like me, choosing a beverage when eating Mexican food is always hard. Do I want an icy cold beer or a margarita? The Boulevard Beerita allows you to have both! The delicious Margarita Fling Crafted Cocktail pairs perfectly with a cold KC Pils for a drink that gives you the best of both worlds.

The Kansas City Sunrise 

Quirk’s newest flavors can be found in their new “Splash of Citrus” pack. Beyond the Watermelon Salt & Lime that I already mentioned is a delicious Hibiscus Lemonade and the star of our next drink- Grapefruit Twist. We added this Quirk to a little tequila, some orange juice and a splash of grenadine to create my favorite drink of the night. It’s a sunrise so dreamy every local morning news program would want to show a shot of it!

The Spiked Snow Cone

Send the kids to bed and break out the Snoopy Snow Cone set because pouring a Mai Tai Fling over that perfectly packed cone of snow is the snow cone we always wanted and never knew we needed. Tiger blood what?!

The Frozen Lemonade

One of my favorite treats at the snack bar at the pool I grew up going to was their frozen lemonade. And now sitting next to the pool in my yard (inflatable) from my snack bar (my kitchen) I’ll be partaking in our own version. Fling Crafted Cocktail’s newest flavor- Vodka Lemonade tossed in a blender with ice is what summer is supposed to taste like.

So this summer whether you enjoy Fling and Quirk in their perfect canned form, or if you add your own twist we wish you all a fun, safe and delicious summer!

Born in Kansas City, Jamie spent age 8-18 in Columbia, MO yet always considered KC to be home. Jamie returned to Kansas City after high school to attend Avila University, where she earned her degree in Communication. After residing in South KC, Raymore, the Plaza, River Market and Overland Park, Jamie is now a proud (and permanent) resident of Lenexa. Jamie is wife to her love, Andy, and mom to the dream team; Lucy (10), Quinn (8) and Hazel (4). Jamie is the Events Director for Kansas City Mom Collective and loves creating fun and exciting ways to gather as a community, especially if a theme is involved! Jamie loves a good coffee shop, is a self-diagnosed Fall-aholic, loves Jazzercise, is a proud member of “The Read That Society” (a book club full of close friends that just celebrated its 12th anniversary), is an internet ordained minister, loves blasting Paul McCartney out of the minivan windows on a beautiful day and anxiously awaits the day that Joanna Gaines finally realizes they should be best friends.


  1. What great summer time deliciousness you have shared with us all. Thank you Jamie!!!! I can not wait to try my hand at of few of these wonderful creations!!! Thanks for sharing

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