Let’s Talk Laundry

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Talking about laundry doesn’t usually get me very excited… in fact, I’d rather talk about most anything else. Can I confess something? Lately I’ve kinda been wishing people would bring up laundry in everyday conversation. 

Something’s wrong with me. Maybe this is a side effect of having the kids all old enough for school, and I’m now struggling with my SAHM identity? Or maybe it’s just a side effect from the most amazing laundry-related contraption ever entering our house….

Ladies and gentlemen (do we have gentlemen readers?), I give you the EcoWasher!


In normal houses, it likely does only take 10 minutes to get up and running, but in special houses like ours, it takes a few days to navigate short cuts and pipe switching previous owners or flippers did… anyway, we did finally get it hooked up after multiple comical attempts and situations (water may or may not have sprayed all over the basement at one point).

Let me break this down to you as simply as I can – you hook it up to your washer, it uses cold water only, works some sort of crazy magic on the water that it then shoots into your washing machine, where it cleans and disinfects your clothes WITHOUT SOAP! If you want to see one of their descriptive videos, check this out.

Yes, you read that right – you do not use laundry detergent! 


I’m not going to lie, my husband and I were both super skeptical of this thing. How can it possibly do battle against our sloppy kids’ clothes, without the aid of soap? 

You guys… it works! We’ve put it through it’s paces here – grass, blood, general nastiness, chocolate ice cream, laundry I’ve brought home from newborn photo sessions (you can imagine what that might involve sometimes), etc. Some set in stains require a bit of OxiClean spray ahead of time, vinegar works well for grease, and for the whites we can use some non-chlorine bleach to help brighten clothes. Largely though, we’re able to just dump the clothes in as-is and turn on the machine. Super easy, and need I mention the savings of not buying laundry detergent for our family of six?! 

I gave my kids some chocolate ice cream one night, in hopes they’d make a mess of themselves so that I could do some before and after photos for you. They did not disappoint 😉 

But why are only two shirts shown in the after? Yeah – that’s because I did what I always do and just folded the laundry, stuck it in a basket and set it aside (does anyone else struggle to get the laundry INTO the dresser or closet?). Then, my excited kiddos rummaged through and pulled their favorites out to wear again before I took the “after” picture. This happened multiple times, which is why I gave up on getting more than just these two shirts into the after. 

EcoWasher – you’ve rocked our laundry world! Would you mind doing the same for our dishwasher? The idea of soap-free dish cleaning and sanitizing sounds amazing!

Helen and her husband are Kansas City transplants who thought they'd be heading back to New England but instead, fell in love with KC. She has identical triplet boys - Jackson, Ty, and Chase - who have somehow managed to survive life long enough to make it to third grade, and Lily who is now heading into kindergarten, and learned from a young age to duck when things fly through the room. Helen also has a newborn and baby photography studio in Waldo, Faces You Love Photography. You can read about current antics in Helen's home at her blog Three Times the Giggles.