Lumi by Pampers is The Baby Monitor Tool New Moms Need

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When I look at baby registries today, I’m jealous. I first got pregnant nine years ago, and I’m amazed how products and resources to support new moms have developed. My baby first baby monitor looked more like my kids’ walkie talkie system, and I tracked feedings and sleep routines in a simple notebook. So when I heard about the new way Pampers is revolutionizing baby care with the Lumi system, I was in awe!

How Lumi Works

Pampers, a household name for anyone navigating the baby and toddler years, has developed an award-winning sleep routine system with a high quality video monitor, a sleep sensor and a comprehensive app. The Lumi System was co-developed with pediatricians and receives the highest safety ratings.

High Quality Video Monitor

The monitor features a HD wide angle quality, night vision, two-way audio so you can soothe your baby from anywhere using your cell phone. You’ll get peace of mind with the room temperature and humidity tracking. The monitor has continuous background audio that ensures you’ll hear your baby even while playing Candy Crush… or checking work email. When your phone is locked, you’ll still be able to hear when your baby needs you.

You can be confident in the privacy and safety features using the highest encryption so only you have access to your baby’s livestream.

Sleep Sensor and Tracking App

Attach a Velcro® sensor to your baby’s Lumi diapers, and you can now track your baby’s sleep patterns as well as diaper activity – all recorded in an easy to use app so you don’t have to store the information in your sleep deprived brain! Parents can also add feeding times and milestones to see a fuller scope of how their child’s routines evolve over time.

With the Lumi system, you are able to see your baby’s sleep patterns and plan nap time and bedtime to optimize their development. Sleep is when baby’s brains develop the most. Good sleep routines have such a big impact on both mom and baby’s happiness and calm, and establishing a good routine early has significant payoffs as your child grows older.

Technology is making life easier in so many aspects of our daily lives and the Lumi system is no exception. It truly is the product that helps with some of the biggest challenges new moms face.

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