Make Your Meals Ahead of Time at Your Local Hy-Vee

hyvee freezer mealsMany of you know that on Tuesday night, we gathered with a group of KC moms at the 64th Street Hy-Vee for a night of food, drinks, and great conversation. I can’t wait to tell you more about it in our recap post! It was a wonderful time of connecting with fellow moms, learning about wine, and hearing from two French-speaking men with fabulous accents.

While we were there, we learned about a few other things Hy-Vee has to offer busy moms. I regularly hear women talk about freezer clubs or freezer meal parties and I admit, I had to have a friend explain it to me the first time I heard about it. A freezer club is  usually a small group of women who cook meals at their own home, then trade meals with each other so that each mom walks away with a variety of different meals for the next few weeks. I personally love this idea! Tonya and I are here to tell you about two different ways Hy-Vee makes this concept even easier for you.

Mom Clubs at the 64th St Hy-Vee:

One idea that I DON’T love about the freezer club concept is this boring idea of making ten meals for nine of my friends, all by myself, in my own kitchen. This extrovert thinks that sounds like a complete waste of time – which is why I LOVE what the 64th St. Hy-Vee has to offer moms.hyvee club room

Mom Clubs are open to pretty much any group of moms. You need a minimum of five moms (a maximum of ten) to use their Club Room. They provide the use of their Club Room FREE OF CHARGE! All you need to do is provide the moms, the recipes (though if you need some ideas, Club Manager Rebecca can help you out!) and the groceries.

Once you’ve reserved the Club Room, bring in your group of moms to the store with the grocery list. Do your shopping, then head to the check-out lanes. Here is where it gets interesting – and helpful to YOU as a busy mom! Hy-Vee will check out all of your groceries, but you don’t pay for them – they will actually give you a suspended transaction. Why, you ask? Well, it’s really genius, if you ask me. You see, we all know that sometimes we buy things for a recipe and after all is said and done, we find out that we actually didn’t need four cans of diced tomatoes, we only needed two. Hy-Vee lets you return those unused items, so you only pay for what you actually use to make your meals. Nice, huh?

I love this idea because I love the thought of grabbing nine of my friends together, heading to the store, and then COOKING TOGETHER. Oh, did I mention that I also love the idea of making a big mess in someone else’s kitchen, rather than mine? It’s a win-win, people. If you want to contact Rebecca at the 64th St. Hy-Vee, you can reach her via email to set up your next Mom Club: 1322clubmgr{at}hy-vee{dot}com.

Freezer Club Parties at the Liberty Hy-Vee:

Along these same lines, another offering at several area Hy-Vees are Freezer Club parties! The convenience and fun of these parties can’t be beat. A group of moms (again, no more than ten) will contact the club manager to schedule a party; the club manager will then email a list of recipe options (a HUGE document of both easy and harder recipes) to the group and each mom will select a recipe to make for themselves. From the shorter list of selected recipes, each mom can then select as many of the other recipes as they’d like to take home with the potential to leave with up to ten freezer meals at the end of the night! (This sounds good already, right?) It gets better … after the list of selected recipes has been completed, the club manager does all of the shopping for you – you and your friends just show up, ready to compile your meals! Everything from the meat selections to the sauce ingredients to the salt, pepper, and freezer bags is waiting there for you. Then, after you have compiled and paid for your meals (again, paying only for the groceries you use!), the club manager cleans up! So, in summary – no shopping, no clean up, AND, you leave with a great selection of meals that you and your family will love.

We’d love to hear about your experience with either one of these time-saving opportunities from your local Hy-Vee! If you haven’t tried one yet – why wait?

(Note: We were not compensated for this review of services offered by our local Hy-Vee stores; all opinions shared are our own.)

Hello! Kansas City has been our home for the past 3 years and we love it. We moved here after a 2 year stint in Madrid, Spain working for a Christian non-profit. Although I will always have a bad case of wanderlust, I’m a Midwest girl through and through. Educated at Iowa State University as a Spanish teacher, I taught K-6th grade students the joy of learning another language for 2 years. In 2007 I left the world of teaching and became a full time Mama to our first child Renae. Her little brothers Sammy and Colton arrived 2 and 4 years later and between the 3 of them, they keep me busy. I also work for the Skybridge Community which assists American expats as they adjust to and prepare for life in another country. I find great joy in connecting people together, meeting new people, and learning about those that are different from me. Most days you’ll find me spending my mornings at the YMCA where I like to get my Zumba groove on and ending each day watching House Hunters International. I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you great KC Moms!


  1. I’m doing this in December. The Hy Vee in LIberty does this as well. It’s so popular, they are booking months in advance. We’ve had to wait almost 2 months to get an evening spot!

  2. Do you know if any others do this? This sounds awesome, but I am clear in Shawnee! If anyone out there has info, I would appreciate it! 🙂

    • Hi, Devon! I contacted the Hy-Vee in Shawnee and unfortunately, they don’t have a club room at their location. Are there any other Hy-Vees in your area?

  3. This sounds fantastic! Is there any information about the price point per meal? Do you know how many servings each recipe generally makes?

    • Sarah, I’ve participated in several of the freezer meal parties at the Liberty Hy-Vee; the recipes they provide are typically designed to feed a family of four, but with two adults and two little kids (ages two and five) in our house, we nearly always have leftovers. In terms of cost, it depends on the meals that you choose; it seems like I have always picked meals that included meat (pork chops, roast, steak, and a couple of chicken recipes) and the cost has been between $12 and $15 per meal. While this is likely a little higher than what the meal would have cost had I made it on my own, I always know I’m getting great cuts of meat AND I don’t have to shop or clean up after myself so the additional cost is worth it in my book!

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