Mom Approved: Products and Services We’ve Tried and Loved

Over the past year, the KCMC team has tried a host of new products and services as we’ve navigated life through a pandemic. Today, we’re sharing some of our mom-approved favorites that we think you might like, too.

** Please note, this is not a paid promotion, but simply a guide to things we’ve tried and loved.

**All products are linked in the headings.

Clean All the Things, Including the Dog

Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum

This little things is awesome for stairs and quick pickups. Easy to clean, lightweight, and easy to find online. It also works so well with this next product.

Dyson Dog Groom Tool 

This vacuum accessory is OMG essential. SO easy, pulls off so much fur. My golden/shepherd/lab mix sheds like crazy, year-round, and this grooming do-hickey is a requirement at our house. Works best if your dog can handle the noise of the vacuum.

Bissell Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 

I don’t even have TikTok, but TikTok made me buy it. We’ve had an upright carpet wet vacuum for years, but I always felt kinda gross about it because you roll it through gross stuff and then roll it back to the storage closet? This little powerhouse has handled pet stains, yogurt on the sofa, spilled coffee on the carpet — all with ease and simple cleanup afterward. 

Eureka RapidClean Cordless Vacuum

Contributor Jollene Hastings likes this vacuum more than the Roomba and Dyson Motorhead. 

Dawn Powerwash Spray

KCMC Executive Team member Laura Mulcahy says, “It’s amazing. Cleans stains off clothes, upholstery, and makes for easy cleanup of dishes.” I 100% agree! I first saw it on GoCleanCo‘s Instagram account and was hooked after my first use. 

Services and Apps

Heart Laundry

According to Contributor Megan Coffey, Cheryl Rose’s laundry service is “amazing.” You contact Cheryl to schedule a pickup time, she comes and picks up your laundry, washes/dries/folds it all and returns it to your porch. Cost is charged by the pound. Megan says “She is just the absolute nicest person.” Support small business! 

KC Public Library’s pop in and pick up services

Contributors Valerie Stark and Pamela de la Fuente love this service. Having access to all the digital content on the KCPL website is a big plus! The Johnson County Library has similar conveniences for easy of pick up and access as well.

Libby App for Audiobooks

Contributor Kelsey Pomeroy suggests, “Sign up with your KC area library and get access to thousands of free, popular, and updated audiobooks! Reading has gotten me through this year!”


This service saved many families this year, including Contributor Megan Coffey’s. Megan loves saving time not going to the store, and Instacart helps her cut down on impulse buys. If you enjoy going to the store, this is likely not for you, but the upcharge on products is worth it to Megan to avoid the store altogether.

Clothes and Shoes (Bonus: Holy Grail of Underwear)

Some of my Psudos!

Psudo shoes

I now own two pairs of these ridiculously comfy kicks. They are machine washable and made in the US from eco-friendly fabric made of 75% recycled materials. They slip on with no laces, also reducing waste. I go sockless in these all the time, too. They are water-resistant, breathable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial.

AllBirds shoes

Amazing find! If they get dirty, just throw them in the wash. No stinky, sweaty feet in these babies, even without socks! So, so comfortable. Contributor Lauren French walked all over France in them when she was pregnant. 

StitchFix and Stich Fix Kids

Contributor Julia Willhite loves not having to go to the stores to shop for clothes. Trying on at home is so much better and everything is customized to your needs with easy returns. (Keep in mind: Sometimes the selections aren’t always spot-on, but the convenience of easy returns makes this less of a headache.)

Naomi and Nicole Edgies panties

Look, y’all. I have a lot of rear surface area to cover, and I’ve been searching for underwear that doesn’t ride up or show panty lines for YEARS. These? These are the holy grail. HOLY GRAIL as long as you wash them in a mesh lingerie bag and line dry them.

COOLOMG Yoga Pants

I was at Sam’s Club in these with a t-shirt and Day 3 hair in a slept-on pony. A very handsome age-appropriate gentleman came up to me and said, “I just had to tell you — you look AMAZING.” And I rode that compliment for months, right after I ordered two more pair of these babies.

Self Care

Conair Simple Home Haircut Kit

Contributor Jollene Hastings recommends this kit that has come in handy for a year’s worth of at-home haircuts.

barre3 online workouts

Contributor Rachel Sleeter has really liked barre3’s online workouts over the past year. No gear required and the low-impact workouts have been perfect for her.

Adjustable Tablet Stand

I call this one self care because no one wants a stiff neck or achy hands from looking down while holding a bulky tablet. Contributor Sherita Neal’s young daughter has been using this stand for school and FaceTime with friends and family. Sherita also uses it to follow along with cooking videos in the kitchen. Contributor Marsha Roth seconds this one — she uses it in the classroom.

Untamed Supply Candles

Superb fragrances, local, eco friendly and owner, E.J. Wood, donates 3% to The National Parks. E.J. also operates a brick-and-mortar location in downtown Liberty.

Trips and Outdoor

Large Soft-Sided Cooler

We took this to the beach this spring, and it was so much more convenient for us than our go-to hard-sided coolers. It collapses easily, can hold up to 40 cans, keeps things cold for hours and has a convenient little flap on the top to give access without zipping the whole thing open. I do wish it had a long shoulder strap, though.

Window Bird Feeder

We have become bird watchers over the past year. This feeder is attached to our dining room window, where our homeschool kiddos can watch birds and find them on this fun printout we taped to the window for easy identification.

Car Organizer with Tray and Cooler

We have taken long road trips several times in the past year and my son has gotten so much use out of this handy caddy. He can tuck all kinds of books, chargers, headphones, etc. in the side pockets, and it has two cup holders to complement those in our car. My favorite part is the cooler compartment so we can store his favorite snacks within arms’ reach.

Reusable Lawn Garden Bags

These are like IKEA bags, but gigantic and super sturdy. We use them to haul all kinds of stuff. I didn’t know I needed this utility, but I’m super happy to have them.

Your turn! What products and services have you tried and loved lately?

Born & raised in the KC metro, I now live in OP with my husband, 8yo son, goofy Golden mix & grouchy geriatric cat. After graduating from KU & spending over a decade as a buttoned-up corporate person, I quit my job, pierced my nose & hunkered down to raise a kiddo. Here we are, 6 years later, & I love spending my days writing, volunteering & planning our next far-flung adventure.


  1. Hi Karen,

    This is Michael Rich the founder of Psudo Sneakers. Thanks for the great mention. So happy you love the shoes!

    FYI we are based in St. Louis (and I have 2 girls at KU at the moment). Very small world.

    • Michael! I adore Psudos! I bought another pair – I love them that much! I am also a Jayhawk! Rock Chalk!

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