Mom vs. the Laundry

Christmas break was awesome as usual: hot chocolate, movies and forts in the living room, and bonding with my kids again. While we all had our heads in the holiday clouds, my laundry was making a mad dash to catch up with me. Even though we did not travel, I needed a mental mommy break. For me, that was no chores, no running to practice, no last minute scheduling changes – and no laundry.

Well four days before winter break ended, I thought it may have been a good time to start washing clothes, considering we were all down to the last pair of underwear! Let me back track a bit and fill you in on our family. We have a big family, seven of us to be exact. Yep, I know I did say 7! When I tell people we have five kids, I get this sideway head tilt and the what I call wow-you-need-so-much-help look. But we have five – four teenagers and a three and a half year old, and I love it! 

A few days before break was over, and I was sitting on my bed looking at all the laundry I was supposed to do yesterday. (To give myself credit, I did wash a load of darks for clean underwear.) But instead of conquering the laundry pile, I stopped to get coffee. I found all the excuses in the world to avoid the 925 loads of laundry that seven people accumulate in a matter of 10 days.

I am the type of mom that needs motivation for the chore I loathe to do — LAUNDRY! My kids know this and help me out by making it a game. We all fold the laundry together, make individual piles, and I put away the linens. Then, we play girls against boys — who can put their clothes away the fastest?It makes this boring task something a bit more fun. Of course, there is a reward of extra dessert. Talk about winning!

Life gets crazy, and I normally don’t share my dirty little secrets, but we are friends right? So know you know I am not the person who stays on top of the laundry. Sometimes you have to let the laundry pile up, the dishes get high in the sink, not brush your hair, or whatever it is you don’t like to do so you can have a much needed and earned mommy break. It’s OK. I promise you will thank yourself for taking a few minutes to woosah.

There will be time to do those mundane chores. No need to fuss about it. Motherhood for me is finding the balance of laundry, time with my kids, and making that coffee run in between car pool line. Being the best you for your family is what’s important.

I'm Sherita! I am married to my BFF Scott and we have 5 awesome kiddos. We are a blended family, and every day is an adventure in our home. I was born in Kansas City and raised in Colorado Springs for part of my childhood. After some moving around and life changes. I decided to come back home, best decision I have made! We call North Kansas City home and we absolutely love it. Its the small-town feel within the big city. When I am not taking my kids somewhere, or knee-deep in laundry I enjoy crafting, bible journaling, being involved in my kids' schools, and thrift store shopping! So basically I am busy crafting, momma who loves God and a good deal! Nice to meet y'all.