Mother of the Year Finalist: Kerri Lindsay

Mom: Kerri Lindsay, Olathe, Kan.
Nominated by: Kristen Sayers, friend

Kerri is an extraordinary woman, mother and friend. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out, someone who cares for others endlessly, and loves so very deeply. Kerri is the mother of two young boys, both whom were diagnosed at a very early age with Type 1, insulin dependent, diabetes.

image1They are the most beautiful and bright little boys, you would never know the daily struggles they have to go through. The boys require frequent blood sugar checks, meticulous dietary planning, insulin dosing and administration (often with injections), insulin pump monitoring and adjustments, multiple overnight blood sugar checks with responses to abnormal blood sugar levels, ordering and maintenance of life supporting supplies, coordination of care and communication with school and childcare providers, and much, much more.

From day one of their diagnoses, Kerri has been their number one advocate. She made it her mission to educate herself on all aspects of diabetes, making her an expert in her children’s care. She constantly stays current on the advances and changes in the care of a diabetic child. She acts as a full time nurse, although teacher by trade, managing her children’s disease and their daily needs. She works diligently with her children’s care providers, whether at school or preschool, to support her boys emotional and physically, which is not always an easy job when so many people are so uneducated about the disease or are too overwhelmed to learn. Kerri is a national advocate for individuals with Type 1 diabetes, organizing fundraisers and serving as a whistleblower for change, recently traveling to Washington DC to help change legislation for children with these extra medical needs. She has adjusted her work and personal life to take all of this on.

Even when it’s impossible to find babysitters who are comfortable with the boys medical needs, just to get a night out, she never complains when options fall short. There is no way to put into words what Kerri gives to these boys, day after day, with nothing but a grateful heart.

She pains for the normal childhood that they have lost but beams with pride as she watches these two boys prove to be the biggest strongest heroes she could ever imagine. Even when her eyes fill with tears for the struggles they face, she stands tall, holds her head high, and embraces this journey that they are on.

Aside from all that she does for her boys, Kerri is a woman of strong faith and a serving heart. On top of all her home responsibilities, Kerri takes on leadership roles within her church’s ministry, Building Better Moms. Kerri serves on this ministry as the hands and feet of God, helping moms find their place, receive the support they need, when they need it most. Kerri served as both a small group and hospitality leader, exemplifying the ministry’s ideals of making every woman feel welcome and loved. I have no doubt that her warm, caring smile, genuine compassion and huge heart, are a gift to all the mothers she meets.

Kerri not only gives to her church but she is an angel of service and support to her family. With a father and mother in law struggling terribly with their battles against cancer, Kerri never misses an opportunity be present in their times of need. She will pack up and travel hundreds of miles to be with her family, helping care for and organize treatment plans for her father and mother in law, all while still maintaining her own family and their needs. She pours out love endlessly.

I am so honored to have her in my life, as my dear friend. She is truly a gift to everyone she meets, always looking for ways to support others. Kerri is just like every other mother, she loves her boys more than anything in this world and would sacrifice anything to make their lives a happy one. But she is no ordinary mom, she is a super mom of little super heroes, modeling for them strength, love, compassion, and faith in God as she proudly raises these beautiful little boys.

Voting for the KCMB Mother of the Year award begins at 5 p.m. Saturday, May 2 and closes at 10 p.m. Tuesday, May 5. The mom with the most votes will be awarded our Mother of the Year prize package. Congratulations to all our finalists.