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Moving is not for the faint of heart. It is a LOT of work. If you’re selling a house and buying one at the same time, the stress is doubled. From tracking the various appointments to packing up every last item in your home, the 30+ day process can feel like a never ending crazy train. 

My family and I recently hopped on the crazy train, and last month we made it to our final destination with minimal bumps along the way. In the midst of the selling/buying craziness, I had one item on my to-do list that I kept putting off. Hiring movers…ugh. There are few things I dislike more than researching service companies and talking on the phone. (Seriously, why can’t everyone just operate via text or marco polo?!) To say I was dreading the process is a vast understatement.

Zaarly websiteEnter Zaarly.

Hello easy button! This was my first time using Zaarly, and it was SO simple. Within minutes of filling out my need (ie. moving service) I was matched with two local (woop!) companies that could complete my project. The best part?! No phone call needed! Zaarly has its own messaging system that you can use to reach out to the companies and provide a quick summary of what you’re looking for. I heard back from both matches within hours. They also have Zaarly moderators that check in on the messaging process to make sure you don’t end up getting ghosted. Bonus, they have a mobile app that makes it super easy to keep track of all correspondences.

Both moving companies provided the option of doing an estimate over the phone, which allowed us to avoid having any unnecessary guests in our home during the ongoing pandemic. Even for me, someone who despises talking on the phone, this was an easy and painless process. By the end of the day I had two estimates in hand. I also spent some time reading the reviews for each company by past Zaarly customers and was surprised to see that both seemed to provide nothing short of outstanding service. Thanks to Zaarly, I was able to make a decision with confidence.

With Zaarly, we had the confidence that our movers would be reliable. When you schedule appointments through Zaarly, you are covered by our $100 No-Call No-Show Policy. If a Service Provider misses your appointment and does not give 1-hour notice, you will get $100 cash. In addition, Zaarly monitors the job from start to finish to ensure you are getting top notch service.

We went with Point Blank Moving and they made the entire moving day a breeze. From the moment they showed up (right on time!) to the moment they left, they showed complete professionalism, kindness, and were practically running up/down the stairs to ensure the job got done within the quoted time period. Every item made it from one house to the next in one piece and without any unwanted scratches, dents, or holes in the walls. I am usually the one pacing around full of angst during a move, but this time I felt so much more at eeze and was able to let them do their thing while I ran back and forth between houses. 

When the move was all said and done, I paid the final bill via Zaarly using my credit card. No need to wait for an invoice or have cash in hand. Easy peasy! I seriously can’t thank Zaarly enough for making what is typically a very stressful part of the moving process a breeze. They also have this great moving guide which breaks down what you should be doing from several months out to the day before to prep for your move. I found some of the tips super useful like packing an “essentials” box and washing all bedding beforehand so you won’t have to mess with it at the new place! 

Moving services is just a tip of the professional services iceberg that Zaarly can match you with. Every service you could possibly need as a homeowner, from pest control to plumbing, they’ve got high quality providers just waiting to be matched to your job! I will definitely be using Zaarly the next time we need anything done around the house. 



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Stephanie lives in Shawnee with her husband and two crazy redheaded children, Jack (7) and Allison (4). When she’s not working full time as an aviation meteorologist, or trying to stop her kids from fighting, she enjoys running, knitting, attempting to bake, cheering on the Huskers (#GBR!), and catching up on her DVR. You'll often find her dragging her kids and husband to breweries around KC in search of the best IPAs the city has to offer. You can follow her day-to-day snippets on Instagram (@stephavey).


  1. Didn’t even know that company existed. With being a new home owner I will check them out for some things I want done.

  2. This is such good information. We are hoping to buy a new home at some point (thanks Covid – ugh!) and this will help us so much! With 4-yr old twins, moving ourselves is just out of the question!

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