Play, Learn, Create, and Explore at YMCA Summer Day Camp

This post is sponsored by the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. Opinions, however, belong to the writer.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer camp for your kids, offering a multi-faceted variety of activities to keep them busy, engaged, and having fun, look no further! The YMCA gave us a chance to try out their camp experience over Spring Break and now, we can’t wait for summer!

I was not looking forward to Spring Break this year. After a harsh winter with a record number of snow days, my kids needed to get outside, play, and release some energy, but most importantly, they needed to get out of the house and away from each other. So when I had the opportunity to send my seven-year-old daughter to the Y Spring Break Camp, both she and I were more than happy to take it.

YMCA camps offer a variety of activities all in one camp, including art, STEM, outdoor education, and much more!

At first, I worried about leaving my daughter in an unfamiliar place all day, surrounded by strangers. But the staff quickly made us both feel at ease by showing us around and explaining the daily schedule and activities, including STEM projects, art, swimming, and a cookout. They made her laugh and got her excited for all the fun they had planned during her week at camp. Their knowledge and experience in interacting with children was palpable, and I left confident that my kid was in good hands.

Once I arrived to pick her up, my daughter couldn’t wait to show off the stack of artwork she’d created at camp. She ran in to greet me, flushed cheeks from playing out on the playground and full of excitement about the trip to the pool the next day. After making sure she knew what to bring for her pool day, the staff informed me of the safety procedures taken while swimming, since I was a bit concerned about her abilities. They always seemed to be several steps ahead of me, which was reassuring. 

My daughter, showing off the lava lamp experiment she did in camp.

After just a couple days of camp, my daughter had made friends that greeted her at the door when she arrived and gave her big hugs when she left. The staff, too, always remembered her name, made sure she didn’t leave anything behind, and reminded her of what to bring the next day. I was very impressed by the bonds everyone had made after just one week. Everyone seemed genuinely happy to be there, and I was thrilled for my child to be having a great time and not fighting with her younger siblings at home.

My daughter already announced that she’d like to return next Spring Break, but I was happy to let her know that the Y also offers a Summer Day Camp with even more fun activities! Based on our wonderful experience, I highly recommend the YMCA for a well-rounded summer camp adventure!

Fun activities like swimming and field trips to explore the city are all a part of the Y’s Summer Day Camp experience.

Be part of a great summer full of achievement, relationships and belonging at YMCA summer day camps. Experiences include field trips, swimming, arts, STEM, outdoor education and so much more. Camp locations include the Blue Valley, Olathe, Platte County R-3, Shawnee Mission and Spring Hill school districts and the North Kansas City YMCA. And just announced, registration is now open at Riverside Community Center and the Piper School District. Sign up now for all youth day camps at Hurry, spots fill quickly! 

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