Prepare Your House For Sale

Spring into the housing market with a house prepared for sale. People say the best time to sell a house is in the spring and summer, and for good reason. These seasons bring out the most buyers, and the more buyers there are, the more potential offers. It is also the most beautiful time of the year; everything is green and in full bloom allowing for the best curb appeal.

As things have begun to reopen in our area, so has the housing market. So, if you are wanting to sell your house, now is the time.

How long will it take to prepare my house?

Well, it depends. The size of your home, how much work is needed, and the amount of time you can devote to the process. My husband and I decided to sell our house last October but wanted to wait until after the first of the year to take action. It took us about six weeks to prep our home. We contacted our real estate agent, set a date, and made a checklist for needed repairs and cost-effective improvements. Setting a date gave us a deadline and the checklist kept us on track. Although our repairs were minimal, there was plenty of other work to be done. We were able to do most of the list ourselves. However, we did have to outsource some of the other items we could not do or did not have the time to do. We hired a painter, a window cleaner, and a handyman for small repairs and installations.

These 6 Essential Steps helped us prepare our house for sale and increase its overall appearance and value.

Simplify and Declutter

You will need to purge all unwanted or unused belongings. This is also a good time to start packing for your move.

Clean and Neutralize Smell

Be sure to clean and neutralize any smells. You want to make your house feel and smell as inviting as possible.

Depersonalize and Stage

Remove all personal items like pictures, awards, and children’s art. Staging is key. You want your buyers to imagine themselves living in your house and not as a guest visiting.

Fresh Paint and Clean Carpet

Houses get worn over time. A fresh coat of paint and clean carpet makes all the difference. This will make your house appear brand new and more importantly, cared for.

Outside Care

Be sure to clean your yard and create an inviting front door. The outside is the first thing buyers see.  Try to make the best impression.

Pandemic Strategies

You may want to employ virtual technology and moving out prior to listing as ways to help land a buyer in the age of social distancing.

After completing our checklist and taking the real estate pictures, our house was ready to sell. We listed it on a Friday. By Sunday morning, we were signing a contract. Our real estate agent told us we picked a good time to sell. It was the beginning of March. We had very little competition at the time. Shortly after though, the housing market became scarce.

Even though some homeowners don’t want to sell their home during the midst of a pandemic, many still need to move, and it’s not a worse time to sell. It can be a profitable time because the supply is at an all time low.

Pricing is also critical. Your real estate agent can assist you with pricing your house. Keep in mind, if you price it too high, you will have very little action. Eventually, you will have to reduce the price. Price your house just right, and you will have multiple offers. Other variables should be considered and addressed by your agent when deciding price.

Let’s face it. Buying and selling a house can be stressful, so preparing and organizing, although daunting in the beginning and overwhelming at times, will be worth the effort. If you want a quick sell and a streamlined experience, focus on these key components: the best time to sell, home pricing, and completing the “6 Essential Steps” mentioned above.

Happy House Selling and Stay Safe!

Tiffany is a wife, a mom of two IVF babes, a nanny of four, a house manager part-time and an active community volunteer. She was born and raised in Emporia, KS until she moved to Lawrence to gain her KU degree in Social Work. After college, Tiffany relocated to Overland Park and has loved it ever since! She met her husband, an Olathe native, in 2009. Together they have been beating the odds, chasing the Dream, and checking off their bucket lists. Tiffany loves spending her days laughing and playing with her two very active boys, Noah 5 and Derek 2 (plus, four children she cares for). When she is not chasing kids around, she loves curling up on the couch with a good read, drinking a tasty cup of joe, enjoying a glass of wine, running local races, and trying new things!