Saving My Sanity Through Exercise

If you’re like me, you have 1,000 tabs open in your head at all times. You’re either cleaning or cooking or organizing or picking up toys or planning a birthday or taking care of a sick kid or working or remembering to buy a gift for someone or planning a trip or trying to maintain friendships or racking your brain about what NEW recipes your kids will actually eat or trying to stay fit or longing to read a good book or making a mental list of groceries or putting a bandaid on a skinned knee or googling how to be a good parent to your strong-willed child… 

The list goes on. I could think of at least 1,000 things my mind thinks about on a daily basis. 

But the truth is sometimes I just want to scroll my newsfeed on Facebook and/or the ‘Gram and mindlessly laugh at all the memes that are entirely too accurate about motherhood. 

If I’m not careful, though, I can let my mind get stuck in a lot of unhealthy places. 

For example, social media displays a highlight reel of everyone’s lives. Whether it’s seeing that perfect marriage or wanting to buy all new home decor, I can totally get caught in that web. 

Then there’s the web of fashion ideas, workouts, recipes, giveaways, hairstyles, babies, holiday home decor, pillow choices, swimwear, hot new toy items up for grabs, and birthday party ideas. 

Sometimes I start comparing myself to others & I can get trapped in a web of unworthiness. 

But I’m here to tell you–we’ve all been there. And momma, it just ain’t true! 

Do we want our sons & daughters to get stuck in these places? Goodness, no. So, let’s rise up and set a precedent for our future. Instill some self control and self love into our lives to help orchestrate a positive environment in our homes.

Fear is a liar. Sure, there’s a healthy fear, but unreasonable fear brings doubt and loneliness. I know so many stuck in this place. 

exercise equipmentSo how do I get out of that place? How do I save my sanity from all the mixed-up signals that are constantly throwing themselves at me every single minute of every single day? 


Now, let me tell you that I am no expert. I am NOT super fit. And I do not claim to know as much as a fitness guru does. But I am going to tell you that it’s true what they say–30 or more minutes of moderate exercise per day does WONDERS for your sanity! On days where I workout, I can feel it deep down in my soul. I am a happier person, better momma & wife, and have such a calmer spirit when I implement this very simple act for my life. 

I recently went through a hiatus of taking several days off exercise, due to kids being sick and a pulled muscle. And let me tell you–I thought I might be depressed because my mind was just all over the place. There’s a special sense of peace and healthy confidence that comes with exercise, and my body was craving that! 

So how do you start? 

There are so many options these days. I, personally, love to workout at home because I have three children and actually going to the gym is just not feasible for our family. I like to stream my workouts early in the morning to get my day started off on the right track. I know that may not work for everyone, but whatever works…do just that. Maybe it’s 10 minutes one week, and 20 minutes the next. Whatever it is, start there. Just start!

There are gyms in nearly every part of town, too! Even if you get outside and walk with your neighbors or go play outside with your kids, that counts! Just get up and get moving! Your body, mind & soul will thank you later. We only get one body. We only get one life. Might as well make the most of it!

Kelly Burnison
Kelly is a wife, teacher, and mom of three. She has a very active 5 year old son, Banks, and 3 year old twin girls, Kate and Hayden. Originally a Wichita, KS native, she moved to Kansas City in 2010. After marrying her husband, Shaun, in 2013, they wasted no time starting a family. Having three kids in 2 years takes quite the amount of patience and task mastering. In between picking up toys, chasing monsters, playing in the dirt, potty training, singing songs and fixing meals that her kids don't eat, she loves exercising, coffee dates, wine, and binge watching the latest TV drama series. The busy-ness of life is what keeps her going, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. When life calms down and a date night ensues, Kelly and Shaun enjoy trying new restaurants in the KC area!