Self-Care When You are Too Busy for Self-Care

I would love a day off. An actual no work, no mile-long to-do list, no shuttling a tiny human all around town — day off.

But right now, that is just not possible.

While COVID has allowed our schedule to slow down a bit, we are stuck right in the middle of endless dance lessons, PTA meetings, trying to sign up for spring softball, and we decided to move right in the middle of it all. 

I am the keeper of schedules making sure no classes, meetings, or appointments are missed. I am the one making sure that everyone (including one husband, one small child, two dogs, two cats, and one bunny) eats dinner each night. I am the one making sure backpacks and lunch boxes are packed, library books are turned in, and dance shoes still fit. 

This is the season of life we are in. We are right in the middle of those “don’t blink because they’ll grow up too fast” “someday you will miss these days” days, and I am OK with that. I get to visit with friends while waiting for dance class to be done or catch up on a book. I take those little moments of rest and try to soak them in as best as I can. 

As nice as a girl’s day out might sound, I’ve learned that self-care for me right now doesn’t involve a day at a spa. It’s all the little things that make help make my life easier and help keep me sane

Self-care right now looks a lot like packing lunches the night ahead. My hurried Wednesday morning self is always extremely grateful when my Sunday afternoon self has pre-made a week’s worth of sandwiches to be able to quickly pack a lunch before school. 

a meal planning sheet and some groceriesSelf-care is meal planning and ordering groceries ahead so that our weekends can be spent spending time together and not arguing about what to have on Tuesday night. 

Self-care is making coffee the night before so that all I have to do is push a button the next morning.

Self-care is filling the gas tank up on Sunday afternoons to avoid having to try and find time to stop by a gas station between school drop-off and work. 

Self-care is taking an extra long shower on the weekend just to enjoy a few minutes of quiet. 

Self-care is coming home on my lunch breaks to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, a show that my husband doesn’t care for and is too adult for my daughter.

Self-care is take a moment each day, usually when I’m alone in the car, to just think about how grateful I am for this often too-busy life. 

Self-care is going to bed early so that I’m a little less exhausted the next day.

glass of waterSelf-care is drinking enough water, getting enough rest, eating something healthy (or something indulgent), and listening to what my body needs.

Self-care is cutting fresh flowers from the garden (or buying some at the store) to brighten up the house.

Right now, in this busy season, self-care is much more about finding little ways I can make my life easier, better, and less stressful in the day-to-day routines than it is a massage and a mani. And that’s OK.

Victoria is a wife and mom of two. Her firstborn, Joshua passed away shortly after birth in 2013. Her rainbow daughter, Madeline just started kindergarten. Victoria and her husband, Patrick, were both born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and love spending time exploring the city with their daughter. Victoria is a full-time working mom, dance mom, soccer mom, t-ball mom, PTA mom, slightly over-scheduled mom. Victoria has a passion for creating and spends way too much time pinning new crafts, recipes, and party ideas on Pinterest. She sometimes blogs over at Life with Madeline -


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