Shopping at Aldi: What You Need to Know

The love I have for Aldi is really unmatched…at least in the grocery store setting. It almost rivals a Target or Trader Joe’s run for me, especially if I can go sans kids.

Some Aldi staples

I love to leisurely browse the aisles and see what new treasures I can find. I wait patiently for Wednesday mornings when the new weekly ad pops into my inbox; then, I carefully curate my list of finds to quickly snatch up before they are gone! I will admit I haven’t always been an Aldi guru (granted myself that title just now), but with many trips, sometimes multiple a week, I’ve learned a thing or two of what to look for and what to skip over while shopping at Aldi.

I’m a category person and think in terms of lists, so I’ve generated a list (some with categories) to share with you. You’ll want to have this post handy on your next trip to Aldi, friends.

Aldi Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget a quarter and reusable bags

I’ve forgotten both of these things numerous times. It’s not the end of the world, but if you go in prepared from the get-go, you’ll have a better shopping experience. If you forget your quarter, head into the store through the exit and one of the cashiers will gladly change out other coins or bills for you. And if you happened to forget your reusable bags, grab some empty boxes as you shop. They are there for the taking or you can purchase bags for a small fee (I think 6 and 10 cents depending on if you chose paper or plastic) at the checkout line.

If you’re lucky and happen upon them at the right time, you can get yourself the cutest Aldi finds of all time — these reusable keychain quarter holders. I don’t have one as I have a stash of quarters in my car at all times, but apparently, they are all the rage according to the Aldi Facebook group I’m a part of.

Don’t Skip the Aldi Finds and Specialty Products Aisle aka The Aldi Aisle of Shame (AOS)

Candles, rugs, slippers, workout gear, toys, a robot vacuum, or a tent, I find the most random stuff in this aisle!

It’s typically located in the middle of the store, and it is the GOAT. It’s my favorite aisle to browse. Sometimes, I have to limit myself from even heading down this aisle because it’s so tempting. It’s the best because I can buy a new candle and it appears to my husband that I’ve simply bought groceries — though it regularly causes me to go over my grocery budget.

There are also a few “Aldi Finds” in the frozen foods sections and you won’t want to miss those either. Typically located in a center chest style freeze, I’ve found pies, Chinese food, frozen seasonal treats, and more! This is one of my favorite places to grab new-to-me foods that are usually a fraction of the cost of what you spend at the grocery store.

Shop the end caps

The end caps are a great place to find items seasonal and specialty items and they are usually grouped by a theme. Need to create a charcuterie board, bam, an Aldi end cap has everything you need.

Check out these extras

The Baby Aisle — Aldi wipes and diapers will save you some serious money. I also loved buying the baby food pouches. They are so convenient, especially for my third child who always seemed to be snacking on the go. Aldi’s are delicious (yes, I’ve tried them) and are 20-30 cents less than the grocery store.

Giftcard Tree — The gift card tree at the front of the store has saved me more times than I would care to admit. I am always needing a birthday gift or something, and it’s been great to not have to go to another store for a gift.

Flowers — Speaking of gifts, grab some fresh flowers while you’re there. It’s not as large of a selection as Trader Joe’s but the prices are better and they usually have some fun season arrangements. I almost always get a flower bouquet when I’m there because fresh flowers are a little thing that can add some brightness to your home. Plus they’re only $3.99.

LiveGFree Brand — We aren’t a gluten-free house, but I’ve heard people rave about many of the gluten-free Aldi products. Definitely worth a try if you’re a GFree family; I know it would save you some money for sure!

Pizza — Aldi has an amazing section of frozen and take n’ bake pizzas. I’ve found flatbreads, breadsticks, and even cauliflower crust pizza and all for a fraction of the cost of ordering take out and buying from the grocery store. We love a good Friday night pizza night in our house and Aldi is usually my first stop.

I could go on and on about my love for Aldi, but I think this sums up the basics. Maybe next time, I’ll do a roundup of my favorite Aldi products. I love to read about these on other blogs and groups because it always gives me new ideas of things to try.

Where are my Aldi lovers at? What are some other tips you have for shopping at Aldi?

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