The Top 10 Things I’m Taking out of Quarantine

I get it. Quarantine. We’re all over it, right? Not over it like we are going to have 150 people to our house for a kegger, but just like mentally over it. As we all move into our new normal, there are a few things I want to make sure stay in our wheelhouse of family activities.

  1. ham and cheese slidersCooking: I’ve suddenly found myself with extra time to actually plan for meals and then cook them! I took some big swings and certainly had my fair share of hits and misses, but I like having more home-cooked meals for my family.
  2. Work Flexibility: I tend to be my most creative and productive starting at 6:00 a.m. If I can get my coffee brewed and computer fired up before the kids wake up, I can bang out an insane amount of work. That usually means I am done earlier in the afternoon, when I tend to have trouble focusing anyway. I have co-workers who are exactly the opposite. They like slower mornings and then make that later start up in the afternoon or evening. I just like that we have been able to adjust our schedule to our own personal creative zones.
  3. Reading: There are books? That people read for enjoyment? It’s unfortunately been years since I’ve made time to crack a book. I love reading, and this is one thing I desperately want to keep going.
  4. Taking Breaks: Suddenly having a completely clear social calendar really made me realize how much we all needed a break. I think we were over-scheduled, and we will be taking a hard look at activities and commitments moving forward.
  5. kids exploring creekkids riding bike and walking dogFamily Time: The new, simpler way of life is pretty awesome. I have been basking in the big bike rides, walks, and trail exploring. Definitely not letting this go.
  6. Saving Money: My oh my how our bank account started to look a little different when I suddenly dropped frequent lunches out and daily coffee runs. I miss those things and am excited to enjoy them again, but hopefully on a more limited basis.
  7. Supporting Local: The sudden surge of supporting local has been awesome. We’ve always supported local, but certainly have been making more of a concerted effort while in quarantine.
  8. Fewer and more Flexible Meetings: It feels like things have been efficient work-wise with fewer meetings. The meetings I do need to attend have all been online, so sometimes, I’ll flip off the video and go for a walk while participating. I am loving that flexibility that allows me to get a little more movement into my day.
  9. Creative Friendships: Virtual happy hours, mystery beer drops, tailgate lunches while social distancing, you name it! It has been so fun to see how we all connect during these strange times.
  10. Snail Mail: Fist bump to the United States Postal Service for keeping us connected through the mail. My kids have sent letters, drawings, and friendship bracelets to friends and family. We have all received our fair share of cards, pictures, and surprises. There is something so special about getting something addressed to you that happens to not be in an Amazon box.

What are the things you want to take out of quarantine? Let us know!

Julie Breithaupt
Hey! My name is Julie and I use too many exclamation points! My husband Grady and I are attempting to raise two wild women, Mia and Reese. We live in Shawnee where our faux bulldog Marge rules the roost. My hobbies include driveway drinking, going to parks and desperately trying to have date nights. My likes include the Jayhawks, coffee, craft beer and ChapStick. My dislikes include samesiders (people who sit on the same side of the booth when no one is on the other side), jerks and grocery shopping.