What’s for Dinner? Kansas Meat from Alta Vista Meat Co.

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There were many things I was worried about before becoming a mom, but at the top of the list was feeding a kid. I’m not talking about making bottles or picking out which pureed foods to pick up at the store. I am talking about a full meal for a toddler/kid/preteen/teenager.kid making dinner

My wife and I barely fed ourselves three square meals a day, and now we are going to be responsible for the growth and nutrition and health of a whole human being? That is a lot of pressure.

Fast forward a few years and now every single day we ask each other in a panic “what’s for dinner?” We recently discovered a new solution — a butcher bag from Alta Vista Meat Co. A Butcher Bag is a subscription-based program that delivers Kansas protein to doorsteps in Kansas. Every delivery includes a reusable insulated tote bag instead of a wasteful box or styrofoam cooler.

Here’s How It Works

You have the choice of different bag types: all beef bag, beef/pork bag, or beef/pork/chicken Bag.  After you choose the type of bag, you select the size of bag to best fit your family. For our family of three (two adults and a toddler), we went with the All Beef Butcher Bag, size medium.

Alta Vista Meat Co Butcher Bags

About Alta Vista Meat Co

dinner with Alta Vista Meat CoAlta Vista Meat Co is a locker. That means not only do they buy from the best Kansas farmers, they also process the meat the old fashioned way. Alta Vista Meat Co believes in the process of hanging meat for juiciness, tenderness, and better flavor instead of wet aging for convenience. Nothing you purchase from Alta Vista Meat Co will ever be wet-aged like all the products you buy in the grocery store.

We loved every single cut we got in our Butcher Bag this month and cannot wait for our next delivery! One thing we are considering doing for the future is “Beefing Up Our Freezer.” This is the process of buying half or a whole animal! Buying in bulk can save families hundreds over the year and give them the same high quality product that they have come to love with Alta Vista Meat Co. With supply chain issues seemingly never ending, having a stash of quality protein is never a bad idea.

Whether you go with a Butcher Bag or you beef up your freezer, there is no wrong way to purchase meat from Alta Vista Meat Co. But, the best way to purchase is with code KCMOMS10 — this will take $10 off any purchase including the first order of a subscription to Butcher Bags!

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