My View: Worried.

So many feelings to process. One that‘s been bubbling to the surface of my mind since the infamous Wednesday (you know, the day the NBA shut its doors and Tom Hanks announced he and his wife tested positive) is worry. I’m so worried about our son’s progress with the schools and his private therapy provider being closed for the foreseeable future. What do we do without his early intervention team? Throughout this autism journey, we’ve relied so much on a collection of caring, skilled professionals to help him grow 😥 More than we realized, I guess.

I know the district will do their utmost to serve students with various needs. I’m certain his therapy provider with come up with a plan to reach clients. I trust our community leaders are making the best decisions in these unprecedented circumstances. But right now, I’m sad, fearful, and worn out.

My husband and I are teachers … of teenagers. We feel ill-equipped to support both of our children in the ways they need, in the ways their preschool teachers and other early learning professionals know exactly how to do. They say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Well, we were fully aware of the blessing that is early intervention well before it got put on pause, but with the path forward as hazy as it is, we are feeling gratitude and grief in equal measure.

Claire made her way to Kansas City after graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she met her husband Scott (a KC native and Mizzou grad). Both are high school educators; she teaches English while he often schools her in history. They live in Olathe with their two small children -- Evan 5 & Abbie 3. Claire regularly spends time advocating for early childhood education/intervention and is always looking for ways to become more civically engaged. She loves cheering on the Huskers and the Royals, date nights, reading five books at once, writing, contemplating the deeper issues of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, and listening to her kids giggle together. Catch some of those giggles on Instagram @clairebear_kc.