5 Excellent Podcasts for Moms

Do you listen to podcasts? Over the past several months, I went from never opening my Podcast app to becoming a podcast-addict. I love to listen to them in the morning when I’m getting ready for work (unless I get a surprise early riser who is eager to “help”) and when I’m doing mindless tasks like folding laundry and editing blog photos. Here are a few I’ve been loving lately, that I think other moms would also enjoy.

5 Great Podcasts for Moms


{one} The Longest Shortest Time. This is a popular podcast all about parenting, and it’s one you’ve probably heard of before. I love listening to the host, Hillary Frank, as she talks with parents with all kinds of backgrounds and asks them to share their experiences. A few favorites of mine are the “Accidental Gay Parents,” and more recently the podcast about maintaining friendships with your “child free” friends (listen to the lullaby in the episode, it’s beautiful!). Not only do I enjoy hearing the fascinating perspectives (such as a mom who worked as a traveling makeup artist and raised her son as she toured multiple states), but it is also refreshing to hear that while my life may be completely different, I share a lot of the same struggles.

{two} Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled. This one has been a new discovery for me, but it’s become a much-quoted one at my house. Janet takes reader questions and helps them solve a parenting issue in each episode. In the last several episodes, I’ve listened to, it was as if I wrote in the questions myself — I’ve been experiencing similar issues with my toddler. Since I’m expecting a baby in October, a recent episode about a toddler’s behavior change that paralleled the upcoming arrival of a sibling was especially helpful. (One little note: Janet is so calm, her voice so soothing, that part of me wonders if she ever gets a little “ruffled” like the rest of us do. It sure would make me feel better!)

{three} Read Aloud Revival. The tagline for this podcast is “helping you build your family culture around books.” That had this book lover hooked from the start. Although this podcast focuses on books to read aloud with your family, I like the variety of ages and topics it covers. The host, Sarah McKenzie, has a large family and homeschools her children, so that comes up often as well. Although that is something I don’t plan to do myself, I still find her conversations about homeschooling interesting and applicable in different ways. I loved the episode all about favorite picture books and couldn’t wait to add their suggestions to my library holds list.

{four} The Girl Next Door Podcast. This is also a fairly new one for me, but it feels like a conversation between friends. In the podcast, two neighbors share a cocktail and talk about their lives, their children, and their neighborhood. I love it because, while Janet Lansbury feels a little more like how I try to be as a parent, these women seem a lot more real. Recently they did a “behind the scenes” episode that revealed what goes into making the podcast, and it was pretty fascinating.

{five} What Should I Read Next? OK, this one isn’t necessarily just for moms, but since it’s my very favorite podcast I had to include it. Plus, if you’re a mom who loves to read, you no longer have time to browse the bookstore or the library’s shelves like perhaps you once did. Anne Bogel, the host (and blogger at Modern Mrs. Darcy), interviews guests about their favorite and least favorite books, and then recommends what they should read next. I enjoy being a part of the “literary therapy” session, and I always walk away with new titles to check out, even though that means my to-read list grows exponentially faster than my already-read list.

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

Shea lives in Olathe with her husband Aaron, children Jona and Violet, and their spoiled mutt Ellie. She’s a busy working mom who finds her balance in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes that her picky toddler won’t touch. At the end of a long day, you’ll either find her curled up on the couch with a good book, or busy writing posts for her life and style blog, Shea Lennon, where she hopes to inspire women to look good and live well on a budget. Whether she’s reading or blogging, she’ll likely be accompanied by a bowl of ice cream (the chocolatier, the better) or a glass of wine. And on a good night, both.


  1. Mom and Dad are Fighting and Mighty Mommy – Quick and Dirty tips are a couple of my Favs in addition to the ones you listed above!

  2. Thank you so so much for including The Girl Next Door Podcast in your round up, we are flattered! And I’m going to check out the read out loud revival and what should I read next, thanks! My boys are SO into audio books right now, and of course I’m obsessed with books, too. 🙂

    • You’re welcome, it is one of my faves!! I want to come hang out with you two, it sounds like you always have a blast 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  3. LOVE podcasts! Be sure to check out Jess Lively and One Bad Mother. They are my favorites 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle, me too! I love Jess Lively, she’s another favorite. But One Bad Mother is new to me, I will be sure to check it out!

  4. Motherhood in Hollywood is one of my favorites! Host Heather Brooker is hilarious and each week has on interesting guests from the parenting and entertainment space. Heather is also an actress and comedian so often has on writers, casting directors, etc. Check it out if you get a chance!

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