A Trip Just For Me

I recently had a birthday.

My husband and I love celebrating all the things, and he asked me numerous times leading up to it what I wanted as a gift. There wasn’t anything I could think of that I really needed, and the things I could think of that fell into the “it’s a gift because you wouldn’t buy it for yourself” category felt too extravagant (I’m looking at you, Botox).

A week before my birthday, it dawned on me – I kind of want 48 hours alone to shop, watch Netflix alone in a hotel room while eating takeout, and operate on no one else’s schedule.

So, I told the hubs I wanted a plane ticket. Yes, I know this also sounds extravagant, but I found a really good deal! Although it was pretty out of left field, he knows that traveling fills my mental bucket, and he was quickly on board with the idea.

I know entertaining a toddler for an entire weekend is sometimes a challenge, so I at least did him a solid and booked Thursday morning through Saturday night.

Once the initial excitement wore off, I remembered it would be my first night ever away from our 21-month daughter. Mom guilt and sadness crept in a little, but I knew this is what I needed to recharge my batteries after living that new mom life during a pandemic.

Fast forward a week — I landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, picked up my teeny-tiny rental car, and was on my way to explore a town I’d never been.

I jam packed all three days and two nights shopping with the mental freedom of not having to be anywhere else, checking out a local brewery, exploring new neighborhoods, and digging my toes into the sand and ocean. I topped off the evenings with take out, binge-watching tv, and a king-sized bed to myself.bike near the beach

My husband and daughter sent me some pretty cute videos, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t miss me much when they were at the mall making a Build-A-Bear and buying new books. The man doesn’t do pony tails or bows, but he sure does a lot.

I was happy to return home to my people, and so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do this.

A few people asked if this was a milestone birthday, and while it wasn’t a milestone number, it sure was the culmination of a lot of milestones – good and bad – over the past 365 days.

Hi! I’m Kelly! I was born in South Korea, grew up in Nebraska, went to college at Kansas State, and spent my 20s in Washington, D.C. I moved to the Kansas City area in 2012 (vowing never to complain about traffic again after commuting on the Beltway), where I met my husband who was then stationed with the Army at Fort Leavenworth. In addition to being busy with my job in digital advertising, I’m running around with our rescue dog and 1.5 year old daughter. I also love volunteering with various organizations in KC, finding new creative outlets, exploring new places and things to do, shopping a good sale, aiming to keep my plants alive, and spending time with friends and family. Someday I also hope to get back into something I did before having a baby – triathlons! My ideal afternoon involves a stop at Family Tree Nursery, listening to podcasts in my car with the windows down, and trying a new restaurant. The real treat of the day would be to actually witness my toddler eating her veggies!