Anne Williams

Anne is a mom to two silly and sweet boys, Jude and Reid. Her husband is Eric, a one-of-a-kind guy - coach and poet, English teacher and jock. Parenting at its finest has been an invitation to refine and grow as an individual. When parenthood looks like self-doubt and overwhelming chaos, the best remedy has been spending time with and swapping stories with other moms. Anne serves as a Pastor at Resurrection Downtown, a vibrant community in the Crossroads District where she cares for people when life gets hard and guides the process of reconstructing faith. She also blogs at www.thebradshawdrafts.com
crown of thorns

Jesus Wasn’t a White Guy: Faith and Black History Month

While acknowledging and appreciating Black history this month, let's consider how faith plays a role in our perspective on race relations. I share below three quick, proactive next steps we can take. Recognize that Jesus...
pic of female babysitter with two kids

Finding a New Babysitter

I’ve always been skittish about using babysitters. We don’t have tons of family in town so I should be better at this than I am. Of course, we have had a few over the...
pic of rainbow heart

My Promises for National Coming Out Day

It’s a lazy morning around the house. My children have strategically placed pillows all over the floor, down the hall, throughout the house. They pounce from pillow to pillow shrieking “don’t fall in the lava!”...
pic of sun rays coming through clouds

When Your Child Causes You to Reevaluate Your Faith

Children notoriously ask difficult questions, but what happens when a child’s difficult questions challenge mom’s faith? Or when the task of teaching your child faith raises concerns in your own heart and mind? Mom, what...
Pic of mother and son talking

Listening, A Powerful Elixir

Putting a hippo to bed I’m putting my 3-year-old to bed. I’m ready for lights out right when he informs me he’s a hippo. “Uh huh,” I half-heartedly mutter. I am too tired for this.   “MOMMA!...
pic of a woman meditating at sunrise

Unexpected Summer Getaways

We pitched a tent in our yard and “went” camping this weekend. Our fire pit in the driveway we called a “campfire,” even though it refused to burn without the help of a heavy...
pic of "empathy" in dictionary

The Capacity for Empathy

When was the last time you needed a bandage? No, not for your kiddo. A bandage for you? I tripped and fell walking down on the sidewalk a couple weeks ago. Ripped a hole in...

Cooperative Games for the Win!

With two preschool-aged boys in the house, everything is a competition. Every morsel of our day is measured and compared to see who got to “go first” and who got half an ounce more...
potty training

How Potty Training Prepared Me For a Global Pandemic

One Monday morning, I awoke with the distinct feeling it was time to start serious potty training (is toilet training the proper term now?). We had passed through all the easy preparation stages: standing...
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