Emily is the happy wife of a fantastic dentist and the mother of three amazing boys ages 11, 8, and 5. Their family moved to Kansas City in 2006 and they have fallen in love with this jewel of the Midwest. Emily has her degree in Graphic Design from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and is passionate about family, art, children’s literature, party planning, gardening, food (namely dark chocolate), and service in her community. She is part of the largest women’s organization in the world, Relief Society, and is very active in her church. Their family has just begun the journey to and through adoption, and she is excited to share this experience with our readers. Her situation is unique in that their family is pursuing an independent adoption, without the use of an agency. They are hoping to add a little girl to their forever family. You can find their adoption profile at 3D Adopting.

Back-to-School Nutrition Solutions

Back-to-school season is here - and for some families, there's no better time than right now to start establishing positive nutrition behaviors with our children. Today, on Fox 4's Morning Show, I'm offering solutions to...

Doubt Your Doubts

It has been almost a year since we first announced to the world that we were hoping to adopt. We went at it alone, without the use of an agency, ready to put the...

Becoming June Cleaver

My boys have recently enjoyed watching "Leave It To Beaver" reruns on Netflix and I could NOT be more pleased. While I am not entirely attached to the expectations of family life portrayed by...

7 Secrets to Date Night Success

Some of the wisest counsel that I've ever been given came from our pediatrician at our very first six-week check up; she told me to make date night a priority. She mentioned that too...

Yell Less. LOVE MORE.

I really can't stand the sound of yelling in my home; unless something is on fire, there really is no need to yell. I am not talking about being loud here; there are plenty...

Last Call for Holiday Traditions

In 2008, I gave birth to our third son and knew that it would be my last pregnancy. In December of that year, I felt the need to solidify our family traditions. Assuming that...

Halfway is Not Nearly Enough

I delivered our first son on Halloween, the day AFTER his due date. I had been dilated to a 3 for weeks and the doctor was sure that I would deliver a good two...

The Need to Refuel

Women, specifically mothers, are like cars. We need fuel in order to run properly. It doesn't matter if you're a smart car, an affordable car, or a luxury car: you need fuel. Now, you...

For Your Amusement

When we began our investigation into the world of adoption, we quickly learned that this journey would not be a walk in the park.  To embark on the adventure that is adoption is to...

Three Grocers, a Mom, and a Fire Truck

Welcome to the “Hy-Vee vs. Price Chopper – Which One do You Love?” series! Join us this evening for another post on Price Chopper from our contributor Erin. I pass by two grocery stores on...

The Waiting Room

We announced to our family and friends on May 5th of this year that we are deciding to grow our family through adoption.  On June 3rd, we published our online adoption profile and told...

Missing Someone That You’ve Never Met – An Adoption Follow Along

I have always wanted a large family. Growing up with only two first cousins, I was envious of others that attended yearly family reunions and had thirteen cousins at their birthday parties. The dream...
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