Heather was born in Oklahoma but spent part of her childhood in Africa. She loves living in the River Market with her 9 year-old son and 7 year-old daughter. They all share their loft with an old English sheepdog and her companion cat. Heather juggles her job in purchasing at the Kansas City Public Library with being on the board of American Daughters, a local non-profit for girls leadership. Before her single mom gig, she did a stint in the Peace Corps. She likes to save all her money for globe-trotting and roaming Kansas City for good food.
poison control

Three Cheers to Poison Control

New motherhood involves many phone calls. Even for me, a person who doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone. I made many calls in those early days. The nurse line for our pediatrician became my...

The Significance of the Hyphen to a Single Mom

Nearly 14 years ago I was presented with a classic female problem: Should I change my last name? I was 22, about to marry a 21-year-old guy, and this is a thing that you...

Public Humiliation: ‘Tis the Season

My friend recently sent me this text: “I’ve been humiliated at QuikTrip.” ‘And who hasn’t?’ I thought to myself. I know I’ve had to hose down a toddler covered in her own vomit there more...

Camping with Kids – A Mostly Fun Endeavor

This past month my partner Dane and I decided to take the kids on their first camping trip. We’re both camping lovers and this seemed like a good idea. The kids were excited, Dane...

No Shoes Allowed: A Cultural Dilemma

I enjoy a new idea-- both the thinking of and stealing. I would argue my *own* best idea to date has been elevator buttons being “un-pushable.” (Accidentally pushed the wrong floor? Unpush that baby!)...
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