My Mother’s Diagnosis: Baby Girl Bows Become Breast Cancer Ribbons

There is never a good time for someone you love to say, “I have to have a biopsy.”   No matter how many times you have heard the words before, that sentence can literally take your breath away. For me that moment came when I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, Kate.   The words were […]

No Fall Classroom Parties, No Problem: Ways to Celebrate at Home


The sound of plastic costumes. The smell of sweaty children racing from craft to craft. The spider rings. The candy apples that are too hard to eat. The giggles and excitement of fall classroom parties! Well…thanks to COVID, that’s not a thing this year. Chalk it up to all the other abnormalities that 2020 has […]

Family Friendly Brewery Patios in KC

It seems fall has officially arrived in KC. The trees are showing off their changing colors and the temps are demanding shorts one day and chili the next. As we head into what will certainly be a very different looking holiday and winter season, now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy those […]

Managing Behavior Without Punishing Myself

I have a habit I am trying to change — punishing myself while holding my kids accountable for undesirable behavior. Do any of the following sound familiar? “Hit him again, and you are going to your room for the rest of the night!” (… at 4 p.m.) “If you take out one more toy, I […]

Kansas City, I’m So in Love: Local Anniversary Gifts

If you follow the tradition of gifting each other themed anniversary gifts, local Kansas City businesses offer some great options to make your celebration one to remember. Listen, this year has been no joke—and if you’ve put up with your spouse for all of 2020, you both deserve to treat yourselves to a little somethin’-somethin’. […]

5 Children’s Books with Characters of Color

In the spring, even before the anti-racism movement went mainstream, I was another Black mom looking for diverse children’s books. We have some at home, but I was trying to get my 5-year-old ready for kindergarten by reading a ton of new stuff. I reached out to Emily Akins, a friend, children’s book aficionado, and […]

Extended Breastfeeding: Nursing Past One

As mothers, it’s a struggle to find an authentic balance between doing what feels right and doing what is expected or what society deems as “normal.”  When I was pregnant with my first baby, I had been warned about how challenging breastfeeding could be. To my surprise (and relief), it just clicked. Twelve months flew […]

COVID-Conscious Halloween Fun

Fall, is that you I smell in the air? I’m ready for some cooler nights, pumpkin patches, apple cider, and Halloween! Remember when all you had to worry about was whether all your neighbors’ porch lights would be on and making sure no one got sick from too much candy? Thanks to COVID-19, we have […]

Last Minute Family Photo Outfits

Holiday family photo time is here and what a fun yet stressful time it can be. At this point, hopefully, you’re all set in finding an awesome photographer and have budgeted for those soon-to-be beautiful photos, yet you’ve waited until the last minute to prep your outfits for the actual photoshoot. There are always a […]

Informed Voting Is Responsible Voting

I vote whenever the opportunity presents itself. I try to get to know the people and initiatives on my ballot as best I can. I talk about upcoming elections with friends and family regularly. I share my excitement with my kids. Voting is my jam. While I know there are a lot of people like […]

Why I Left MLMs Behind


Last year was a big year of changes for me, and one of the things that changed was my participation in a multi-level marketing company (MLM). There was no big drama when I left after three years on my team. I didn’t lose a ton of money or have my marriage ruined (stories that are […]

Back to Work After Baby


As parents have been gearing up for the return of school and navigating the new landscape of education as we know it, I have been gearing up for my own return. That is, my return to work after having a baby. Before my son was born, I naively believed that I would want to return […]

National Coming Out Day

It’s a lazy morning around the house. My children have strategically placed pillows all over the floor, down the hall, throughout the house. They pounce from pillow to pillow shrieking “don’t fall in the lava!” They inform me all our flooring has been engulfed in lava and the only way to stay safe is to […]

Our Road to Starting a Family

After I did my first #kcmctakeovertuesday, I was asked so many questions about our journey to becoming parents and starting a family as a same-sex couple. I wanted to share our story for those who didn’t feel like they could ask, those who are simply curious, and those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community […]

I Went to a Party…in a Pandemic

Who goes to a birthday party in the middle of a PANDEMIC? Who would be so careless as to risk the health of her family and her community just to attend a party? Who, I wondered, would be so reckless at such a delicate time? Me, that’s who. I judged and condemned and then I […]



Your Guide To KC

Guide to Kansas City’s Favorite Drive-Thrus

Supporting local restaurants is something that is really important to my family, even more so during the current pandemic. I especially love drive-thrus because...