Controlling What You Can in an Uncontrollable Time

I control my thoughts and actions. And the past few weeks my thoughts and actions have sucked. I’ve let my guard down. I’ve fallen victim to the news and social media hysteria. I have been consumed by fear, religiously scrolling through my Facebook feed, going down the rabbit hole from article to article. I’ve even […]

8 Books to Keep Your Adult Self Sane During Stay-Put Orders


I am a lifelong lover of all types of books. Still, it hasn’t always been easy to fit reading into my day or night, especially after I became a mom. I’ve learned some strategies over the years from my high-performing friends, and also from my own experiences to make it easier. And what better time […]

A Love Letter to New and Expecting Moms During a Pandemic

Dear new and expecting moms, You’ve been on my mind, and I wanted you to know. Becoming a mother is an experience fraught with worry and uncertainty, and now we have a global pandemic. It’s not fair and I wanted you to know, “I see you.” I’ve only been a mother for nine years, but […]

Being a Senior Mom in 2020

There are lots of big feelings in my heart lately. Like most folks, I’m worried and anxious. I’m trying to figure out how to take good care of my family and contribute to my community. I’m wondering how I can continue to do my job when I’m not at school with my kids. And in […]

You Can Do It, Put a Theme into It: Breaking Up the Monotony of Quarantine.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good theme! From a Christmas in July birthday party for my daughter to a Hollywood Red Carpet Soiree for my bestie, I thrive on kicking a gathering up a notch by adding a little creativity and a few props. As we all head indoors for the […]

Social Distancing and Being a Better Mom, Wife

In light of the rapid spread of COVID-19, all of us have been instructed to stay calm, stay washing our hands, and stay home. Social distancing means making daily, conscious decisions to stay away from people in public or group gatherings. In dealing with this pandemic, it is better to be proactive than reactive, by […]

Okay, Kansas City: Let’s Do This.

I get it. The weight of all this has been crushing. Disappointment, sadness, frustration and worry are just some of the feelings overwhelming many of us right now. But I’m starting to see, hear, and feel glimmers of hope. Of “we’re all in this together.” Of “pull up your big kid pants and let’s handle […]

Having A Baby During the Pandemic


Hospitals across Kansas City are restricting visitors including those for moms in labor. While it’s not ideal, the purpose is to keep mom, baby and hospital staff safe and most importantly healthy. Providing emotional support and a healing environment is at the heart of every hospital.  However, we are in unprecedented times, and it will […]

Supporting the Kansas City Community while Social Distancing

It’s everywhere now: social distancing as key to preventing the spread of COVID-19. It’s a good idea. The fewer people who interact, the harder it is for the coronavirus to spread. Makes sense. Count me in. But it’s LONELY. We live in a society that benefits from collaborative effort. The effects of staying in our […]

My View: Worried.


So many feelings to process. One that‘s been bubbling to the surface of my mind since the infamous Wednesday (you know, the day the NBA shut its doors and Tom Hanks announced he and his wife tested positive) is worry. I’m so worried about our son’s progress with the schools and his private therapy provider […]

All Together Now: Working from Home with Your Spouse


My husband and I have worked from home together for the last five years. He works in sales, so much of his day is spent glued to his phone and computer in his basement office. I work from home, too — balancing running my business and reenacting scenes from Frozen with my 4 year old. […]

My View: Disappointment is a Valuable Teacher

I’m sorry you are disappointed — so am I. For all the parents who are hearing the frustrated cries of their children about things they are missing out on, this is your time to teach a critical life lesson. Don’t miss it. Sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want. Sometimes we don’t get to […]

Find Your New Normal: Tips from a Homeschooling Mom

Nearly six years ago, I first told Kansas City Mom Collective readers about our family’s decision to homeschool our two boys. Since then, our family has doubled in size as we welcomed four additional children through adoption in 2019 – three of whom are elementary-aged students in the North Kansas City School District. As I […]

Top Five Lists to Beat Kids’ Boredom


Alright. Here’s the thing. We are inside. We are self-quarantined. We are doing our part to flatten the curve. This will be hard because we will all be together. All of the time. But we can do this! After crowd-sourcing our contributors and other respected mamas, I’ve compiled some Top Five lists that can hopefully […]

Will My Marriage Survive the Coronavirus?

“Well, I sure hope we like each other!” That’s what my husband half-jokingly said to me last week as he walked in the house after what would likely be both our last days working in our respective offices.   My response? “Sooooo…do you want to go to the liquor store? Or should I?” We laughed in […]



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Spring Break Fun in Eastern Jackson County

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