Books for Tough Topics

Books for Tough Topics
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I’d like to think that because I’m 28 years ahead of my oldest daughter, I have mature answers to all her questions, intelligent explanations to her curiosities and calming responses to her intense emotions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case!

I’d like to think I can craft the age appropriate words to handle tough topics. Again, definitely not the case! I’d like to think that my wordy explanations would sink in and she would immediately understand. Not true.

Fortunately, children’s book authors are here to help mamas out. Expert authors and illustrators craft amazing books, and I often rely on their words to address life’s toughest topics with my daughters.

Below is a small list of picture books that handle tough topics for preschool-age children.

Self-Esteem/ Confidence/ Bullying



Death of a Pet


Body Awareness/ Safety

Aging Relatives


The titles listed above are just a few of the masterpieces created by authors and illustrators. I’m thankful that someone else crafted the words to address body image, death and divorce to small children. These topics are tough, but kids are curious and want answers too. The literary world is full of resources for every tough topic.

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Katie spends her free time exploring Kansas City with her husband and daughters, Emily (almost 4) and Olivia (18 months). Zoey, her very excitable Boxer often joins the adventures. Katie received her bacherlor’s degree at Miami University of Ohio and taught elementary school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since moving to Kansas City, she found a passion for the medical industry and works full time for a pharmaceutical company. Katie thanks her mother and grandmother for instilling in her a love of reading and writing!

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