Celebrating Pi Day in KC — Kansas City Pie Guide

March 14th is every math nerd’s favorite day of the year. Why, you may be wondering, would this day be so important to these number-loving, equation aficionados? The number sequence for March 14th is 3-14, which are the first three digits of the infinite number pi (Π), a well-loved number in the math community used for all things circular.

You know what is also circular and well-loved? Actual pie.

In honor of Pi Day coming up, I want to help you find places in Kansas City that are serving up some delicious pie for the occasion (and every day) so you can join in the celebration, too, even if you are not a pi nerd like some.

A Guide to Kansas City Pie

Corner Café | Independence, Liberty, and Riverside

Corner Cafe Pies

Banana Split… Pie? Yes, a pie version of a banana split that is to die for and can only be found at Corner Café. This unique pie along with all of the other traditional pies are offered as slices or whole pies. They even offer no-sugar-added pies for those who need that accommodation in their diet. Tuesday through Friday you will also find a “Pie of the Day” to treat yourself with that is not on their traditional menu. These pies consist of “Coco Loco Pie,” “Platte County Pie,” “Banana Pecan Cream Pie,” and “Lemon Meringue Pie.” Open every day from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Neighborhood Café | Lees Summit and Waldo

Neighborhood Café Pie

Having been around for over 150 years, Neighborhood Café knows how to do pie. From cream pies to fruit pies in all sorts of flavors, Neighborhood Café has a variety for all pie lovers. You can order by the slice or whole pies to go, and although well-known for the cinnamon roll appetizer, I highly suggest you do not sleep on their delicious pie for dessert. Open every day from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Pie Goddess | Olathe

Pie Goddess is a locally owned, home-based bakery offering a variety of pies and other baked goods throughout the year. Specialty pies can be ordered and customized as well, which is perfect for those who would prefer pie over cake for a birthday celebration. Their pies are unique and seasonal, so be sure to check out their menu to see what pies are available. Place your order online and plan to pick up in Olathe.

Rye KC | Leawood and The Plaza

With two locations throughout the metro, Rye KC is very well known for there delicious pies. Their current seasonal pies are Sugar Cream (cream brulee), Mokan (chocolate walnut pecan), Dutch Apple, and Butterscotch with Cranberry Jam. Although the seasonal pies are ever-changing, the pies that are offered daily are just as delicious, and Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. you can get half off any slice of pie! Check their website for full restaurant hours.

The Upper Crust | Overland Park

I have had flights of beer, flights of wine, and even flights of chocolate before, but a flight of pie? This was unheard of until I saw the Upper Crust’s advertisement for 3rd Friday Pie Flights. And this is just in time for their “Hap-pie Hour” on March 19th from 4-5:30 p.m.! Each flight gets you three slices of pie. The menu changes monthly, so go to their website to place your order before the 19th and then prepare for a contactless pick-up. This is a perfect date night activity to share pie with your significant other or consume all three slices yourself! The Upper Crust Pie Bakery is open Wednesday-Saturday.


I know that Costco is not a locally owned KC business, but I also know that a lot of KC moms have Costco membership, and when you are stopping in over the weekend to get your Kirkland Diapers or rotisserie chicken, may I suggest grabbing one of their ginormous pies! These pies are twice the size of my head and taste magnificent.


Originated in Kansas City and now sold throughout the United States, Tippin’s pies are another delectable option for any Pi Day celebration and can be picked up at many local grocery stores, especially at your neighborhood Price Chopper. They offer a variety of traditional fruit and cream pies, but two of my favorite goods made by Tippin’s is their savory chicken and turkey pot pie as well as their quiche. You could go all in on Pi Day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert if you celebrate with Tippin’s!

There are also many other versions of pie not included in this list but would also be acceptable to enjoy on Pi Day. These include pizza pie, pot pies, and any kind of homemade pie that you can think of! Here is a link to 31 Pies for Pi Day that would be perfect for the celebration. Don’t forget your fork!

Happy Pi Day, everyone!

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