Enjoy a Spa Party with Birdie’s Travel Spa

This post is sponsored by Birdie's Travel Spa. Opinions, however, belong to the writer.

What mom doesn’t need to spend an evening at the spa? Better yet, what mom doesn’t need a spa that comes directly to their own home?

Birdie’s Travel Spa is a dream for moms and all caregivers — for those of us who spend hours twisting our backs while nursing babies and simultaneously fulfilling snack requests, who are hunched over desks working to meet professional deadlines while still overseeing homework deadlines, who spend hours in the car driving to sports practice, and who are constantly navigating the physical and emotional demands of parenting.

For a well-earned, well-deserved moment of self-care, we highly recommend Birdie’s Travel Spa. Birdie’s offers accessible spa services that come right to you! Host a party with at least three friends in your home, and Birdie’s will do all the work of arranging your group’s services. They offer full-body massage, skincare services (facials, lash/lift tints, lash extensions), yoga, and a mental health activity, such as guided journaling or a healing session with an energy practitioner.

All you need to provide is space (a few bedrooms) and some friends who want to experience a night of relaxation, stress-relief, and re-energizing spa services from experienced local service providers. Birdie’s will handle all the rest!

Our team’s experience with Birdie’s was amazing! Vivia Leigh, a licensed esthetician, has created a home spa experience that is both professional and high-quality. As part of our spa party, each member of our team received an amazing facial and a fabulous full-body massage. We also spent 30 minutes completing a mental health activity, including guided journaling and time alone to reflect.

Vivia began Birdie’s Travel Spa in January 2019 to develop community for women, moms, and caregivers. She hopes women will make and take the time to receive care, and to reevaluate their time and mental health in a safe environment, with their closest friends.

Vivia’s mission was evident during our time with Birdie’s. They encouraged us to unplug from our devices, relax, and simply enjoy our spa services without any pressure to talk or think about anyone other than ourselves.

Plus, one of the added benefits of Birdie’s is the opportunity to connect with experienced, licensed providers, who you can continue to visit for all your spa needs after the party is over.

To begin booking, visit vivialeigh.com and click on the Birdie’s Travel Spa tab. Founder Vivia Leigh or Creative Director Kody Golden will connect with you in less than 24 hours to assure you the most easy [S]party planning possible! 

Also, make plans attend the Birdie’s Mini Expo on August 29th from 6-9 p.m. at The Station in Kansas City, MO. To attend, simply purchase your ticket through Eventbrite.

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