Five Great KC Dates for Mom & Daughter

When it came to raising children, my grandma used to say, “the days last forever, but the years fly by.” It didn’t take me long to figure out just how accurate that is. I remember tripping over baby gates and cleaning potty-training accidents like they were yesterday, yet my “babies” are now 11 and 10. They want to ditch their toy boxes for desks and would rather watch YouTube than play Candyland. It won’t be long before I’m planning graduation parties and making college visits (cue my premature tears), so I love to sneak in special dates so we can make memories.

Here are some fun ways to spend some mom/daughter time in Kansas City no matter what your age.

Eat Sweet

Visit the main drag in historic downtown Overland Park and grab some cherry pie at The Upper Crust Pie Bakery, or head up the block to Clock Tower Bakery & Cafe for some macarons (or go to both, no one’s judging). If you’re around Waldo or the River Market area, check out the latest flavors at Betty Rae’s Ice Cream. It could lead to a very “sweet” mom/daughter chat.

Paint Together
My daughters getting started on some pumpkin paintings.

There are different places like Pinot’s Palette (several locations in the KC area) and Grapes and Paints in Overland Park where you can bring some fun drinks and sing along to great music while creating paintings that are likely to make you say, “I didn’t realize you could do that!” Even better, you and your daughter will have a keepsake to remember the day.

Celebrate your Heritage
Grandma passing on her secret povitica recipe!

My mom’s side of the family is Croatian, and we’re fortunate to have many places in Kansas City that celebrate that culture. Order some povitica (poh-va-teet-sa), an Eastern European pastry, from Strawberry Hill Povitica Company in Merriam (if you want serious mother/daughter time, make this sweet bread at home—it’s an all day project!) or visit the Strawberry Hill Museum in KCK (it has one of the BEST views of downtown Kansas City).

If you’ve got a French background, visit Café des Amis in Parkville. Try escargots (snails really can be amazing, I promise!) or enjoy a leisurely Sunday brunch with croque monsieur ou madame (I’m not translating for you…you’ll have to look at the menu!). And they recently posted a pic on their Facebook page with incredible looking fresh rhubarb and strawberry clafoutis for dessert.

No matter what your heritage, take some time to share what you know about your family history with your daughters, keeping old traditions alive, and creating some new ones. Uživati (Croatian for enjoy)!

Mother/Daughter Photo Shoot

One of my favorite pictures of my girls and I shows my older daughter following the rules (as always), looking straight at the camera with a natural smile. The younger one is sticking out her tongue, making everyone laugh. It’s so us. Not that dad or brothers or anyone else isn’t important, but what a great thing to have—a picture of just mom and daughter(s). There are tons of great places for pictures in Kansas City: Shawnee Mission Park, Antioch Park, Liberty Memorial, Loose Park, or even a fun backyard photo shoot. Grab a photographer, a pretty day, and make some beautiful memories.

Do Something for Someone Else

It doesn’t get better than this. Spending time with your daughter while quietly teaching the gift of generosity. Bake muffins for your neighbors, grab some extra flowers and leave them on someone’s porch, volunteer at a local organization like Catholic Charities, pick up groceries for someone who’s having trouble getting around. It’s a win-win. You get to spend time together, and someone else’s day is a little brighter.

Are all of these also great for a mom/son day out? I feel like the answer is yes, but I’m 11 years in with only #GirlMom experience. My parental gut says whoever you’re spending the time with and however you spend it, just listen and love, and you can’t go wrong.

Please be sure to check ahead for current hours before visiting any locations.

Jennifer Johnson
I was born and raised in KCK before living in Lawrence and Chicago for several years. I've since settled in to Overland Park with my husband, two daughters (about to enter the middle school years!), and cat. I wake up at 4 a.m. to host the morning show on KC 102.1, so I drink coffee, lots of coffee. Random facts about me: I was an extra in the movie Derailed (with Jennifer Aniston), I lived in Alaska for a summer, I was a traffic reporter for NBC in Chicago, and I tore my ACL playing basketball in college.