Kansas City Donut Guide: A Dozen Favorites

There are lots of great places in the Kansas City metro where you can grab a donut, and I polled the contributors of the Kansas City Mom Collective to compile this list of a dozen of our favorite local donut shops. National Donut Day is the first Friday in June but every day is a good day for a donut! Just make sure you get there early, or better yet, order ahead!

Big Daddy Donuts | Raymore

A local favorite in the Belton/Raymore area, make sure you try the maple bacon donut and their apple fritters.

Brown Sugar Chicken and Donuts | Kansas City, KS

This is probably our area’s newest donut spot and you can find a great selection of donuts AND a full breakfast and lunch menu. Come for the donuts, stay for the wings and Wyandotte fries! You can actually get a chicken sandwich ON a donut if you want!

Donut King | North Kansas City

I loved the huge variety of donuts and the drive-thru window. Even at 2 p.m. they still had a full case of fresh donuts to choose from. The orange cake donut with orange glaze was my favorite. They also offer letter shaped donuts (to spell out happy birthday, etc.) and giant donuts with customized messages on them.

Donutology | Westport

My daughter loved being able to design her own mini donuts and choose from their large assortment of toppings. There is also a full case of classic donuts to choose from. This is a really fun and unique experience for kids with 40,000 possible customizations!

Warm customized cake donuts from Duck Donuts.

Duck Donuts | Leawood

A local branch of this franchise opened in 2019 with their customizeable cake donuts. The donuts come right off the line and are iced and decorated and still warm when they hand them over to you. You can choose from a list of suggested topping combinations or create your own. Duck Donuts is currently in the process of moving from their original location on 95th St to their new location on State Line Rd in Leawood. Make sure to get over there once they re-open!

A variety of gourmet donuts from Fairway Creamery.

Fairway Creamery

We love this place because they serve amazing donuts AND soft serve ice cream. Two of my favorites! I loved the ability to order our donuts online the day before and then have them brought out to my car in the morning. These donuts are “fancier” than many other local shops and contain no artificial flavors. The business is owned by KC’s own Christopher Elbow!

Fluffy Fresh | (Mission, KS or State Line Road)

These proved to be the most elusive of all the donuts. Twice I tried to get to the Mission location in time for donuts but they were sold out by 8:15 a.m.! I finally had success on a weekday at the State Line location. The Mission location is a cash/check only shop but the State Line location also takes cards. The donuts may not look as pretty as some of the other shops we visited but they were so delicious. They’ve won the “best of KC award” multiple times.

Holts Do-Nuts | Grandview

Holts has been around for decades and they are famous for their pudding filled long johns. Make sure to get there EARLY if you want to snag one! They have a buy 10 get 2 free deal on their donuts and offer a variety of glazed and cake donuts made fresh every morning.

Some classic and some colorful donuts from Hurt’s Donuts, delivered to us on their Emergency Donut Vehicle!

Hurts Donuts | KC, 88th and State Line

We were lucky enough to get visited by the emergency donut vehicle during the pandemic (check their website to see if you can request it come to your neighborhood!) but I’ve also been to their location at Ward Parkway Center. They have a lot of space to eat indoors and out and lots of fun and quirky donuts that kids love. They are open 24/7/365, so no matter the holiday, you can get your donuts.

Lamar’s Donuts | 9 locations in the metro area

This has long been my favorite local donut place (and the one my daughter calls “our donut place”). They have a rewards card that will earn you free donuts and coffee, and you even get a free donut on your birthday (and Mother’s Day!) They hand out free donuts on National Donut Day too!

Mr. Ds chocolate twist, blueberry donut, and apple fritter were off the charts amazing.

Mr. D’s Donut Shop | Shawnee

This may be my new favorite. The chocolate twist is amazing and their blueberry donut may be even better than the ones at Lamar’s, which is saying something! Their customer service is great. I messaged them my order the night before and was able to pick it up the next morning. They even brought them out to me! I do not like filled donuts, but my friend swears by their filled long johns. So get you one if that’s your thing.

Pike’s Place | Gladstone

A northland favorite, be sure to get the peanut butter knot, and don’t miss the bismarcks and bullseye donuts! The selection varies from day to day, but you can see what they are serving on their website and even order online to pick up.

What is your favorite Kansas City donut shop? Where will you be celebrating National Donut Day this year?

I'm Julia and I live in Olathe with my husband of 14 years, my 8 and 4 year old daughters, and a sweet old blind pug we call Boopers. I’m a social worker turned SAHM and love Dr. Pepper, thunderstorms, and talking to other adults. I hate coffee, diet culture, and washing dishes. I'll talk your ear off about the best local parks and which restaurants have wronged me by changing their long-standing menu items. I try to walk the line between knowing a lot of stuff and not being a know-it-all. Some days I'm better than others.


  1. Slivinski’s Kearney! Yum! gotta get there early for the best selection! They also have delicious cakes and other baked treats. Closed on Monday.

  2. Our favorite is Ray’s Donuts in Gladstone MO – that’s where we’ll be this Friday for National Donut Day. 🙂 Delicious selection and tiny hole in the wall. Bummer they didn’t make the list above!

  3. I really like Pike’s Place but have another favorite too! It’s a new donut shop called KC Fresh Donuts by Barry and I29 up north! It’s like you’re biting into air when you’re eating a glazed donut!

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