This Winter, Choose to be Kind

It’s safe to say that right now our country is hurting. We are divided over issues big and small and so many of our lives have been turned upside down by the ripple effects of the pandemic. The news is full of so much vitriol and fear creation that it’s left me craving the opposite — basic kindness. 

If there ever was a time for folks to be extra kind to one another, it is right now. We all need it. Kindness is the salve that can help make a hard day easier to stomach. It’s a universal language that brings people together around our common humanity. It can be done in very small and simple acts, doesn’t have to cost any money, yet can make a big impact on someone else’s day. 

As we enter into a winter that will be unlike one we have ever experienced before, I’d like to make the case that this season we each choose to be kind. 

Everyone could benefit from a little kindness. Doing kind things for others not only makes others feel good it can improve your own mood and help us feel like part of the solution in a messy world. 

Here are some simple ideas of things you can do this winter to show kindness to others and help make our collective lives a little better: 

  • Make holiday cards for folks in a nursing home
  • Make cookies and drop them off on your neighbors door step
  • Collect the clothes and toys your kids have outgrown and find someone who could really use the hand-me-downs Donation box
  • Call your friends and family to catch up instead of just sending texts
  • Do a Zoom dinner party with friends and family
  • Make the effort to write positive and encouraging comments on people’s social media posts
  • Send a friend a gift card for take-out to a favorite spot
  • Buy holiday gifts from local businesses instead of big box stores or Amazon
  • Shovel the sidewalks and driveway for an elderly neighbor
  • Participate in a secret Santa for a family who is less fortunate
  • Find a way to show extra appreciation for those who provide your family services like the garbage collectors and mail delivery people 
  • Take the time to include personal notes with your holiday cards
  • Donate blood
  • Let someone go in front of you in line at the grocery store
  • Leave a generous tip at the coffee shop or when getting take out 
  • Choose to find and celebrate the best in others instead of their faults
  • Wear your mask!
  • Last but not least….it’s also very important to find ways to be kind to yourself!

Here’s to coming together this winter around something positive. Would love to hear in the comments if you have other ideas for kind things we can do for one another in the months ahead. 

Ashley Heyburn
Ashley is a mom to an incredibly active toddler, and wife to a kind-hearted Louisville, KY native. After over a decade living in Brooklyn, NY, and few years in Cincinnati, OH, she recently returned home to KC to plant roots and grow her family. Most days you will find her exploring local parks, libraries and playgroups with her son, and tapping into Kansas Cities great art scene whenever she can.


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